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Georgia. Proposal for the USA. The government is ready to abandon the Agents Act

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Georgian Dream Party law on foreign agents explains the polarization that has developed in the country in recent years. The process is to involve financing non-governmental organizations that play a key role here. The published statement shows that they were to take action two attempts at revolution over the last four years.

The mentioned organizations are accused of, among others: about “LGBT propaganda” and “undermining state institutions”.

Georgian demands towards the US

Prime Minister Irakli Kobachidze and members of his formation argue that there should be a new law “an effective means of defending Georgia's sovereignty.”

Therefore, the Georgian side proposed to withdraw from the act under certain conditions addressed to the United States. The authorities in Tbilisi want Washington to conclude the agreement agreements on visa liberalization and free trade. “The ruling party also insists on pressure from the US non-governmental organizations operating in the country stopped criticizing the government and abandoned their 'revolutionary plans'” – belsat.eu quotes Tbilisi's demands.

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Once these conditions are met – as Georgian Dream emphasizes – the law on foreign agents “will not be needed”.

The statement was published in response to Washington's threats to impose sanctions on Georgian officials.

The White House informed that pushing through the bill would force the United States to “fundamentally reorient” its relations with this country, Politico recalled.

US support for Georgia. “In exchange for abandoning the anti-Western course”

“It will be presented to the US Congress this week a bill that provides for providing American support to Georgia among others economic and military in exchange for Tbilisi abandoning its anti-Western foreign policy course,” Politico reported, according to Congressman Joe Wilson.

The United States wants it this way encourage the Georgian government to withdraw its plans to adopt the controversial law on the so-called foreign agentsconsidered by a large part of Georgian society and many experts to be inspired by the Kremlin.

– If this condition is met and the Georgian authorities guarantee it will be carried out in the country fair and free electionsthe United States could enter into talks with this country regarding granting it solid trade preferences and military assistance, and offering visa liberalization for Georgian citizens – Wilson revealed in an interview with Politico.

We could give Georgia arms and military equipment “ideally suited to defending its territory against (potential) Russian aggression,” added the congressman representing the state of South Carolina in the House of Representatives. US support would also include, among others: participation of Georgians in training and maintenance of donated equipment, he said.

Politico reported that the draft American law also assumes imposing individual sanctions on politicians of the ruling Georgian Dream party and other state officials involved in the adoption of the law on foreign agents.

Protests in Georgia

They have been going on in Georgia for over a month mass protests against the Foreign Agents Act. According to critics, it will enable the authorities to destroy civil society and introduce an authoritarian model of government in the Russian style. As they argue, in practice this will also mean a return to Russian sphere of influencebecause it is already clear that the adoption of the law is causing an unprecedented crisis in Tbilisi's relations with the West.

The Georgian authorities claim that they only care about… “transparency and defense of sovereignty”. They call critics of their actions the “party of global war” and accuse “external forces” of organizing the protest.

The new law provides that legal entities and media receiving more than 20 percent financing from abroad will be subject to registration and reporting, as well as the obligation to register in the register of agents of foreign influence.

On Saturday President Salome Zourabishvili vetoed the bill. However, the ruling party has enough votes to override the presidential veto.

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