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Georgia. The Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs issued a message to its citizens

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The Ministry of Foreign Affairs issued a message to Russians with an indication of: Section of the Interests of the Russian Federation at the Embassy of Switzerland w Georgia. This is the legal solution he uses Moscow after Georgia broke off diplomatic relations with Russia in 2008 due to the Russian-Georgian war.

“In the context of the current increase in protest activity in Tbilisi and other large cities, we recommend that Russian citizens staying in the country follow all necessary security measures, whenever possible. they avoided crowded places and also refrained from participating in any political activities“- we read in a statement from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Controversial bill and mass protests in Georgia

On Tuesday, Georgian Prime Minister Irakli Kobakhidze announced the adoption of the law on the transparency of foreign influence. Protests have been organized against the project in the country's capital for a month. According to the government's opponents law called “Russian” can be used for destroying the opposition and independent media.

The Georgian bill is modeled on the first, still relatively “lenient” version of Russian law, which was later tightened, hence it is also called simply the “Russian Law” or the “Law on Foreign Agents”.

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The Act provides that legal entities and media receive over 20 percent funds from abroad will be subject to mandatory registration and reporting and will be entered into a special register of agents of foreign influence. This means that the Georgian Ministry of Justice will be able to carry out inspections of such organizations under any pretext.

According to the government's opponents, the law may, similarly to Russia, be used to destroy the opposition and independent media. Both the opposition and participants of mass protests are convinced that the law stands contrary to Georgia's desire to join the European Union. During mass protests in Tbilisi against the bill, the police used force and pushed demonstrators away from the parliament building.

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