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Georgia. Thousands of people on the streets of Tbilisi. They are reacting in the US

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On Tuesday, the Georgian parliament adopted it in third reading Act on Transparency of Foreign Influences.

The new law is causing social unrest. Demonstrators have been appearing on the streets of Tbilisi for several weeks.

Georgia. Thousands of people took to the streets of Tbilisi

Tuesday's events caused that the capital Georgia crowds of protesters flooded in. The media reports that the largest intersection in the city was blocked.

There was an incident during the demonstration crossing the boundaries of peaceful protest by damaging the parliament fence. The website newsgeorgia.ge reported that “officers of the Georgian Ministry of Internal Affairs they administratively detained 13 people during a rally in Tbilisi.” According to the ministry's data charges were brought against them related to failure to comply with police orders.

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According to media reports, he is among those detained activist Lazare Grigoriadis. Another activist – Dawit Kacarawa, leader of the Anti-Corruption Movement – he was about to be beaten. The man's photos were published by Mtavari TV.

In a statement, the ministry appealed to follow the officers' orders. Georgian media, in turn, provide information about a new wave of detentions.

Georgia. The US announces sanctions

U.S. Assistant Secretary of State Jim O'Brien he conveyed that Washington is ready to impose sanctions on Georgian officials in connection with the adoption of a law that the White House called “Kremlin”.

– If the law proceeds without coordination with EU standards and there is an undermining of democracy, violence against peaceful protesters, United States will impose restrictions. There will be financial and travel restrictions for those responsible for these activities – said O'Brien during a press conference in Tbilisi, quoted by newsgeorgia.ge.

He also announced that Washington could withdraw financial aid to Tbilisi. The United States is expected to allocate in the near future Georgia's support: $390 million. Half of this amount would be allocated for military purposes, and the rest for economic development projects, including the building of democratic institutions and civil society.

“This all needs to be reconsidered if we are now called adversaries rather than partners,” O'Brien said. During the visit he talked to President of Georgia Salome Zurabishvili, Prime Minister Irakli KobachidzeSpeaker of Parliament Shalva Papuashvili, as well as representatives of the opposition.

The Prime Minister of Georgia responded to Washington

The head of the Georgian government has already commented on the sanctions announcements. – Generally Talking about sanctions is not serious. If we are talking about improving bilateral relations, in such cases promoting such topics is counterproductive, Kobachidze commented during the press conference.

He added that last year “The reputation of the United States has been seriously damaged.” The reason was the imposition of sanctions on four judges suspected of large-scale corruption. The Georgian Prime Minister called on Washington to act with partnership in mind, rather than imposing restrictions.

– First of all, it will hurt them. This will do no harm to our political team. In this case the support of our political team will be further strengthenedso I once again appeal to everyone for pragmatism, said the Prime Minister of Georgia.

He added that during his meeting with the US Deputy Secretary of State the issue of sanctions was not raisedi.

Georgia. Act against the opposition and foreign media

The Georgian Foreign Agents Law provides that legal entities and media receiving over 20%. funds from abroad will be subject to mandatory registration and reporting and will be entered into a special register of agents of foreign influence. This means that the Georgian Ministry of Justice will be able to carry out inspections of such organizations under any pretext.

According to the government's opponents, the law may, as in Russia, be used for: destroying the opposition and independent media. Both the opposition and participants of mass protests are convinced that the law contradicts Georgia's aspirations to join the EU.

US and EU representatives express concern and they appeal to the Georgian authorities to withdraw from the project. They return, among others: attention that it is in contradiction with Georgia's European aspirations and the European integration process.

Source: Newsgeorgia.ge

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