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Germany, Berlin. Missing teenager Rebecca Reush. Her brother-in-law’s house was searched again

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For years, the investigation into the disappearance of Berlin schoolgirl Rebecca Reusch has been at a dead end. Now things have picked up speed. According to the Berlin prosecutor’s office, another search was carried out in the house of her brother-in-law Florian R.

Rebecca Reusch disappeared in Berlin on February 18, 2019, Monday. She was 15 then. An investigation was launched, but without a breakthrough. Now the case is alive. The Tiergarten District Court authorized another search of the house of her sister Jessica and brother-in-law Florian R. in Berlin’s Neukölln district.

Three thousand clues

Prosecutor’s spokesman Sebastian Buechner admitted on Thursday morning that “there must be at least one new lead to justify a search.” He added that “the operation of the services at the house of the missing woman’s brother-in-law has already taken place.” Florian R. is accused in a criminal case involving Rebecca. He was home alone with her for several hours the day she disappeared.

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In February this year, the Berlin police reported that more than 3,000 clues had been received since Rebecca’s disappearance. There’s still a lot of information flowing in.

Rebecca ReuschPolice

RTL: acoustic measurements and robe with missing strap

As the spokesman said, “assessment of traces and evidence is underway.” However, he did not specify what was found in the property during the new search.

German TV RTL reports that acoustic measurements were to be carried out in the house. It was supposed to check what sounds penetrate from the inside to the outside. According to RTL, a robe with a missing belt was also found during the search.

Investigators’ theory: He molested her, killed her, and buried the body

Police believe that “the teenager did not get out of the house alive”. To this day, the only suspect is her brother-in-law Florian. But since there is no evidence of his guilt, he was not detained.

Investigators have a theory about what happened on that tragic Monday in February four years ago. According to them, the man allegedly molested Rebecca and then killed her to cover up the assault. Later, he would drive her body away in his pink Renault Twingo and bury it in Brandenburg.

Monitoring registered his car on the morning of February 18 at 10.47 am on the A12 motorway towards Frankfurt (Oder), also the next day at 10.39 pm. In a wooded area near the village of Wolzig, local residents saw a pink Renault and a man who looked like R. and was behaving suspiciously.

Investigators believe that Florian R. returned to the place on February 19 to better hide the girl’s body. In March and September 2019, hundreds of people combed the forests and water areas in the area, but nothing was found.

However, Rebecca’s family believes in the man’s innocence.

Main photo source: Berlin police

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