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Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Germany. “Bild”: Tesla driver burned alive in his car

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A 31-year-old Tesla driver burned himself in his car, reported the portal of the daily “Bild”. The incident took place near the city of Memmingen in Bavaria. It took several hours to extinguish the electric vehicle.

The man, who was driving on a narrow country road just after midnight on Sunday, unexpectedly veered into the left lane. His car hit the railings, sliding over them for about 38 meters, before crashing into a concrete power pole.

Police said the “severely damaged car started to catch fire”.

The driver died on the spot in the burning car, Bild reported.

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Firefighters extinguished the Tesla for several hours

Rescue services from four nearby towns participated in extinguishing the vehicle. As “Bild” emphasized, due to the electric drive of the burning car, firefighters had to struggle with the still-heating devices for several hours.

“The vehicle was removed from the scene only after a few hours. For safety reasons, it must now be stored in a separate place” – emphasized “Bild”.

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