Germany. Cologne. They buried a cat in the garden. It turned out that it was not their animal


A family in Cologne, Germany, thought they had buried their cat in their garden. Two weeks later, it turned out that their pet, named Mavel, was still alive.

Mavel, a beloved cat of a Cologne family, disappeared about five months ago. When in January this year her owners found a seriously injured kitten that had been hit by a car, they were convinced that it was their missing animal – it looked just like Mavel. The cat soon died and the dejected family buried it in the garden.

The cat was returned to its owners

At the end of January, Mavel’s owners received a call from an animal protection organization in Cologne. Her employees found a tabby cat, and thanks to the fact that she was microchipped, they managed to check who her owner was.

– When I called the owners and told them I had Mavel, they found it hard to believe it. They claimed that their cat was dead and buried in the garden. However, they accepted that the cat with us was Mavel. Chip doesn’t lie. The chip is a unique identifier for the cat, said a volunteer of the organization.

The cat happily returned to her owners. It is still unknown who the deceased cat belonged to.

Main photo source: ENEX

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