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Monday, November 29, 2021

Germany, coronavirus. In Berlin, the 2G rule. The unvaccinated will have “uncomfortable”

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Berliners, who have not been vaccinated so far, have to face further restrictions, informs “Tagesspiegel”. From Monday, new regulations will apply to fight the pandemic – people outside the group of vaccinated and recovering will be “uncomfortable” and their functioning will be “more complicated”.

Berliners, who have not been vaccinated so far, must face further restrictions, writes “Tagesspiegel”. On Wednesday afternoon, the Berlin Senate made a decision to greatly extend the 2G rule.

From Monday, due to the significantly increasing number of cases in Berlin, access to restaurants, cinemas and theaters will then be possible only for people from the 2G group – vaccinated and convalescent. Tests will no longer be considered.


– The 2G rule shows clearly: people outside the group of vaccinated and convalescents will have uncomfortable and more complicated (in everyday functioning – ed.) – declared the mayor of Berlin Michael Mueller (SPD) at the beginning of the week. Launched on Monday in Berlin, the 2G rule will apply to all adults.

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Berliners, who have not been vaccinated so far, must face further restrictionsFRIEDEMANN VOGEL / PAP / EPA

“The exceptions will be those under the age of 18 and those who cannot be vaccinated for medical reasons, for example” – these groups will need a negative daily test result wherever the 2G rule applies. “Only on this condition will they have access to these sites,” explains “Tagesspiegel”.

Unvaccinated Berliners face further restrictions

The 2G rule, i.e. access only for vaccinated persons and convalescents, will apply in restaurants (excluding outdoor gardens), in all cultural institutions (clubs, theaters, operas), during bus trips. It will also apply to entertainment venues (amusement parks, arcades), sports facilities (indoor swimming pools, fitness and dance studios), all indoor sports, as well as any events in closed halls.

Only the vaccinated and recovering will have access to outdoor events with more than 2,000 participants. people – this also applies to football matches. The 2G principle will also be used in zoos and animal parks, but only in parts with closed spaces (terrariums, aquariums), unvaccinated people will still be able to enter the outdoor area.

Coronavirus in GermanyFRIEDEMANN VOGEL / PAP / EPA

Also in services where there is close physical contact (manicure, hairdresser, beautician), the 2G rule will apply. Unvaccinated workers at these sites will have to be tested daily. Compliance with the regulations will be the responsibility of the facility operators.

Retail trade will remain exempt from the new regulations, and the rules for traveling by public transport (buses, trains) will not change – masks will still be worn in these places. The Senate also does not introduce the 2G rule at universities and libraries – the current 3G rule will remain here (access for vaccinated, convalescent or tested persons), and the requirement to wear a mask has also been introduced.

At hotels and guesthouses, guests will be required to test negative for coronavirus on the day of check-in, and then retry the test every third day of their stay. Regarding offices and workplaces, the home office has not been compulsory. The Senate only made a recommendation for offices that, where possible, only every second seat should be taken.

Main photo source: FRIEDEMANN VOGEL / PAP / EPA

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