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Germany. Crime report. The problem is growing, the government is sounding the alarm

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The latest police report reveals an alarming increase in crime w Germany reaching levels not seen since 2016.

The numbers are alarming – law enforcement agencies recorded almost 6 million cases crimes in 2023, which means jump by 5.5 percent compared to the previous year.

Germany. The report indicates a problem. Three factors

Experts from the Federal Criminal Office (BKA) point out: three key factors, that may have contributed to this a disturbing trend: long-term effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, rising inflation and a sharp increase in the number of immigrants in the short term, which may hinder the integration process.

Additionally, data from the report indicate a disturbing phenomenon among German youth: This is the so-called “catching up” effect being a direct result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Investigators' analysis shows that restrictions related to the coronavirus, social isolation and increased stress in family lifehad a particularly strong impact on children and young people, facing them with developmental challenges, which resulted in an increase in crime among young people.

Germany. A disturbing trend in one group

The problem of crime among foreigners is also growing in Germany. Analysts indicate that the increase in the number of suspicious foreigners is directly related to continuing high levels of immigration. This phenomenon leads to an increase in the total number of inhabitants of the country, incl people without German citizenship. The risk factors identified included difficult living conditions in asylum seeker centers, general economic uncertainty and negative experiences of violence.

The increase in crime among people without a German passport has already exceeded 17 proc., but this data does not distinguish immigrants and people from other European countries who commit crimes here. Looking at the proportions, foreigners constitute 41 percent. suspicious for committing crimes in Germany, although foreigners constitute 16 percent. entire society.

During Tuesday's press conference, the German minister many questions were asked about it crime among immigrants. Some of them even irritated the head of the internal affairs report.

Nancy Faeser called for an open and impartial debate on crime among people without German citizenship. She emphasized that not only direct legal consequences for the perpetrators are necessary, but also faster ones deportation procedures for those who break the law. – Anyone who does not follow the rules must leave the country, Faeser noted, adding that she also did actions for better prevention and integration are important.

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