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Germany. Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock quoted by Bild: Putin cannot be stopped with words

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German Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock announced in an article published on Friday by the daily “Bild” that “as the largest country in the European Union, Germany has a duty to act, and” Putin cannot be stopped with words. “The head of diplomacy also declared further support for Ukraine.

“35 km – that’s the route between Potsdam and Berlin. I know it well, I drive it every day,” wrote Baerbock. As she emphasized, “I work, I talk on the phone, I think about my children. Living in freedom”. “35 km – this is also the distance from Kiev to Bucza. A place like Potsdam, in the middle of Europe – with playgrounds and shopping centers. But now you can see the scars of war on the streets of Bucza. When Russian soldiers came in early March, people looked at the abyss hell “.


Since then, “Bucha has been freed. But the attack on Ukraine continues. It is also directed against the European peace order. It is aimed at our life in freedom in Vilnius, Krakow and Potsdam. That is why we Europeans have united in opposition to this brutal order. Russia’s aggressive war, “the head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs wrote, adding,” that is why we must continue to support Ukraine now. They also use weapons, because Putin cannot be stopped with words. ”

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According to the head of German diplomacy, after 100 days of war, Russian President Vladimir Putin “changed his strategy, but the hell continues”. According to Baerbock, Putin “underestimated the courage of the Ukrainians.” Therefore, now – as she said – “fires from a safe distance”. “Village after village, city after city. First it rains fire from bombs and artillery, then tanks roll (…). Each village is threatened with the fate of Bucza” – predicts in the Baerbock publication.

“As the largest country in the EU, we have a duty to act,” reads her article. “I want to be able to tell our partners in the Baltic countries and Eastern Europe not only: ‘We understand you.’ But: ‘We are there. You can count on us.’ As they were with us when we needed them. Without them, a united, free Germany could not exist.

Germany is taking action

Baerbock wrote that this is why the Germans are “taking action”. “Even if it is difficult. However, we will never put aside our common security, but we will deal with it. Together with our partners in the EU and NATO, we are reorganizing our defense,” she stressed. “As long as Ukraine is not safe, Europe is also not safe. If Putin is not stopped in Ukraine, there is always a threat of new aggression,” added the head of the German Foreign Ministry. “We will continue to stand on the side of Ukraine,” she assured. “That what is obvious to us may become normal again for the people of Ukraine: living in freedom,” she emphasized in her publication published by the “Bild” daily.

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