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Germany. Former President Joachim Gauck: I did not think Vladimir Putin would be stupid enough to start a war with Ukraine

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Former German President Joachim Gauck stated that Germany has no right to dictate to Ukraine what it should do as an aggrieved country. In an interview with the ZDF station, he said that until the last moment he had not expected that Russian President Vladimir Putin would be stupid enough to start this war. He added that “Germany had a period of wishful thinking” about Russia.

Portal of the “Welt” daily, which cites excerpts from the Wednesday’s interview with the former president German for ZDF, he reminds that “Gauck as federal president has always kept his distance and criticism towards Russia“, among other things, he boycotted the invitation to the Olympic Games in Sochi in 2014 and never made a state visit to Moscow.

– Germany must learn anew that it is necessary to defend freedom. Pacifism is noble, but it does not lead to good, it only cement the domination of inhuman and criminal evil, he said, criticizing the open letter of intellectuals who demanded Ukraine a ceasefire in the fight against Russia.

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Gauck: Germany has no right to dictate to Ukraine what it should do

The 82-year-old former president stated that Germany had no right to dictate to Ukraine what it should do as an attacked country. “Negotiations also have no prospects at the moment,” added Gauck. He explained that if Germany had been attacked, then he – as a former Lutheran pastor – would not hesitate to take up arms in such an important matter as well.

– Who do we want to be? Cool observers? Or those who show solidarity with the attacked victim? Gauck asked.

As he assessed, Germany “should learn again as a society that freedom must be defended.” He noticed that we could already see changes and a greater readiness to defend his own country. This is also confirmed by the consent of the federal government to increase defense spending, he noted.

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Gauck recalled that in the twentieth century, the international community created laws that determined what was right and what was not. “Increasingly, this order based on values ​​and rules is questioned by authoritarian forces and dictatorships,” it is increasingly being replaced by the law of force, Gauck added, referring to Russia’s and China.

According to the former president, Germany will cope with the difficult autumn and winter. – Germany is still a welfare state, it will not stop helping even the poorest – he argued. – The Prosperity Break is survivable. In this country there are people who know what real poverty is, who have experienced the worst. So we can grit our teeth in a situation where we cannot make our dreams come true and go on vacation only once, instead of twice a year, Gauck concluded.

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