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Germany has legalized marijuana. When will Poland do it? “Together will convince other parties”

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From April, it will be possible to grow and possess marijuana for personal use in Germany. This only applies to adults. The changes in the law were adopted by the Bundestag. In Poland, politicians from Konfederacja and Razem are talking about legalizing marijuana.

– We are adopting a very important law that will help us better control the distribution of cannabis. In this way, we will fight the black market more effectively and protect young people and children better, said Karl Lauterbach, German Minister of Health.

The German government decided that it is better to allow legal marijuana trade and keep it under control than to ineffectively fight the illegal distribution of cannabis, also among children and teenagers. The new law was passed, but by a small majority of votes.

– Do you seriously think that by legalizing drugs we will limit their use by children and teenagers? This is the most absurd speech on this subject I have ever heard, said Tino Sorge, MP of the Christian Democratic Union, in response to the Minister of Health’s speech.

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From April 1, adults will be able to carry up to 25 grams of marijuana. Additionally, they will be able to grow up to three cannabis plants at home. People over 21 years of age will be able to buy up to 50 grams of dried herb per month. Smoking will also be allowed in various clubs and cafes. Also right next to the border with Poland.

In Szczecin, we can easily find people who support these changes. – I think there are no such contraindications – said one of the passers-by. – I am in favor of it being the same in Poland – said another person.

Marijuana trade as a topic of study? The authorities of the Wrocław university came up with this ideaPaweł Abramowicz/Fakty TVN

A chance to change regulations in Poland?

In Poland, marijuana has been available on prescription only for medicinal purposes for six years. Possession of it without medical indications is punishable by imprisonment. However, the liberalization of the law in Germany will undoubtedly encourage many MPs to make efforts to liberalize the regulations in our country as well.

– There is a good chance to legalize marijuana, especially since we also fought for it in the previous Sejm, but there was no real chance for it. Now a new coalition is in power, including many MPs who will certainly support it, says Konrad Berkowicz, an MP from Confederation. – Razem will convince other parties in parliament to adopt a law that will end punishing people for possessing marijuana – declares Adrian Zandberg, an MP from the Left.

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However, there are strong medical arguments not to facilitate access to this substance. – In my personal opinion, but also taking into account good medical practice, marijuana has more negative effects than positive ones. It is undoubtedly a narcotic substance, says psychiatrist Paweł Pasterski.

People who abuse this drug, for example, are three times more likely to suffer from psychotic disorders.

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