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Germany: Hundreds of activists near Berlin. It's about the Tesla car factory

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In the town Grunheide near Berlinwhere is Tesla car factorythere were protests on Friday.

Some of the demonstrators managed to get across the factory railway tracks and then broke through the fence, resulting in there were clashes with the police.

Germany. Clashes with the police near the Tesla factory

German services reported that the situation was “dynamic”. One demonstrator and three officers were injured. According to unofficial information several protesters were detained.

At the time of the storm, activists carried banners with the slogan: “Destroy capitalism, create the future”.

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According to “Bild”, the participants of the protest, mainly from the Disrupt organization, they decided to split into two groups to confuse the police.

Officers guarded railway tracks, power and water lines, and a transformer substation near the car factory. The German daily explains that the demonstrators managed to break into the factory premises because the plant is too large to protect its entire area.

Earlier in the day, a group of people entered the area Neuhardenberg airportwhere hundreds of Tesla cars are located.

“Bild” reported that protesters they blocked the access road and set off pyrotechnics.

Activists criticize Elon Musk and the production of electric cars

Disrupt brings together anti-capitalist, dissenting groups plans to expand the plant in Grunheide.

According to members of the organization, enlarging the factory would involve: cutting down local forests and could lead to interruptions in water supply.

On his website, Disrupt criticizes Elon Musk and states that electric cars “they are neither sustainable nor ecological”.

“The production of electric cars leaves a huge footprint due to the consumption of resources and thus brings a global climate catastrophe even closer. Every tree cut down for Tesla's needs is one less tree, and every liter of water taken from the ground is wasted water” – we read in a statement from Disrupt.

Source: “Bild”, Business Insider

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