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Germany. Irmgard Furchner, 96, secretary of the German Stutthof concentration camp, escaped on the day the trial began

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Irmgard Furchner, former secretary at Germany’s Stutthof concentration camp, should be held accountable in court for complicity in more than eleven thousand cases on Thursday. However, the 96-year-old defendant escaped before the trial began. The court ordered her to arrest.

According to the “Bild” newspaper, Irmgard Furchner, who lives in a nursing home in Quickborn (near Hamburg) in Schleswig-Holstein, took a solo taxi to the Norderstedt metro station (north of Hamburg) on ​​Thursday morning. Then the trace of her was lost. “Apparently, the senior woman had no intention of attending the trial,” the newspaper reported.


As announced by the presiding judge at the beginning of the trial in Itzehoe in Schleswig-Holstein, the court issued a search and arrest warrant for the 96-year-old accused. Earlier, the weekly “Spiegel” reported that before the trial, the defendant had sent a letter to the court in which she emphasized that she did not want to appear at the trial because she was afraid of being ridiculed.

An empty seat in the Itzehoe court that was prepared for the accused Irmgarda FurchnerPAP / EPA / MARKUS SCHREIBER / POOL

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Furchner was the secretary of the camp commandant

The woman is accused of the fact that in the period from June 1943 to April 1945 as a typist and typist at the commandant of the German concentration camp Stutthof she assisted the camp management in the systematic killing of prisoners. Furchner was the secretary of camp commandant Paul Werner Hoppe.

Stutthof concentration campShutterstock

The proceedings are being heard by the department for minors in the city of Itzehoe because the defendant was under 21 at the time of the offense, and therefore was a juvenile under the Juvenile Courts Act.

Nazi camp Stutthof

During World War II, the SS held over one hundred thousand prisoners in the German Stutthof camp, 36 kilometers from Gdańsk. The camp operated from September 2, 1939 to May 9, 1945.

It is estimated that nearly 65,000 people lost their lives in Stutthof. prisoners. The number of prisoners in this German camp is estimated from 110 to 127 thousand. people. Murders were commonplace there. Prisoners were hanged, tortured, gassed with Zyklon B. They froze to death, died of hunger and epidemics.

Main photo source: PAP / EPA / MARKUS SCHREIBER / POOL

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