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Germany is also debating changing the abortion law. However, they appointed a commission composed of experts

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In Poland, the extraordinary commission on abortion has just started its work. Meanwhile, in Germany, a similar commission has already completed its work. There, the government's intention was for the proposals to be as far away from political disputes as possible. They show that abortion in Germany should be allowed without restrictions until the 12th week of pregnancy. Currently, although it is illegal, it is not actually punishable.

The debate on access to abortion is reviving in Germany. The German ruling coalition announces the liberalization of regulations. For this purpose, the government established a special commission consisting of experts in medicine, psychology, ethics and law.

– Abortion must be legal. A pregnant woman must be protected against abortion that she does not decide on herself and when the abortion is performed against her will. Forced termination of pregnancy should be considered a crime, says Liane Woerner, member of the abortion committee.

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The issue of abortion in Germany is regulated by section 218 of the Criminal Code. Abortion is legal when the woman's life and health are at risk or the pregnancy is the result of rape. Abortion is not punishable if it occurs in the first three months of pregnancy and the woman receives mandatory specialist advice before the procedure. Importantly, at least 3 days must pass between the consultation and the abortion.

– Unwanted pregnancy can happen to any woman of childbearing age and no one has really thought about it before. Suddenly a woman has to make a decision and that alone is hard enough. Then there are obstacles from the state. Then comes stigmatization and attacks from society, and then you have to meet certain requirements to undergo the procedure – notes Kristina Haenel, an internist.

According to a commission appointed by the government, abortion in Germany should be allowed until the 12th week of pregnancy. Experts developed recommendations based on the constitution, human rights and European law. The Catholic Church, one of the main opponents of the liberalization of abortion laws in Germany, condemned the commission's guidelines.

– I am afraid that ultimately it will be difficult to maintain the right to life of children with disabilities, and that birth may even be decided based on gender – says Eva Maria Welskop-Deffaa, president of the German Caritas.

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“The government will discuss this matter in great detail”

The report prepared by the committee is not binding. Olaf Scholz's ruling coalition will decide whether to accept its recommendations. Most likely, the conservative opposition will not agree to changing the regulations. The far-right Alternative for Germany advocates tougher laws, arguing that too many abortions are performed in Germany. According to the Federal Statistical Office, approximately 104,000 procedures were performed across the Oder in 2022.

– We do not need another debate in Germany that divides society. Therefore, I appeal to everyone to approach this objectively so that we do not start an ideological discussion. The government will discuss this matter in great detail, assures Karl Lauterbach, German Minister of Health.

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According to a survey conducted by the Forsa research institute, 72 percent of respondents support the full legalization of abortion until the 12th week. On Saturday, several thousand supporters and opponents of abortion demonstrated in Munich.

– Every woman should make her own decisions about her body. This is a fundamental human right, said Sanne, an abortion supporter. – I am here to give a voice to the weakest, especially the unborn. Everyone should have the right to life, said Sarah, an opponent of abortion.

Abortion has become a divisive issue among voters in the United States and several European countries. Earlier this year, France included the right to voluntary termination of pregnancy in its constitution. President Emmanuel Macron even stated that abortion should be guaranteed in the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union.

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