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Germany. It was thanks to him that Adolf Eichmann was captured

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In 1960, Israeli intelligence located the whereabouts of the Nazi criminal Adolf Eichmann, who was responsible for the logistics of the Holocaust at the Reich Central Security Office. For 60 years it was not known who was the key informant of the services. Now that the man’s family has agreed, the German “Sueddeutsche Zeitung” has released the name of the person who was a major contributor to Eichmann’s capture.

It was the German geologist who revealed to Mossad the key information about the Nazi criminal Adolf Eichmann, who was hiding in Argentina, the German newspaper “Sueddeutsche Zeitung” reported on Friday. The man’s identity had remained a mystery for the 60 years since Eichmann was abducted to Israel, tried and executed. 32 years after the man’s death, his family agreed to reveal his name.


Gerhard Klammer studied geology, philosophy and history in Germany. In 1950, he emigrated to Argentina. At the same time, Adolf Eichmann came to this country under a false name.

Klammer found a job with a construction company in the Tucuman province in the north of Argentina. Soon after, Eichmann joined the company as Ricardo Klement. A few years later, when the company began to struggle with financial problems, Klammer returned to Germany. Eichmann, in turn, was to move to Buenos Aires. Klammer knew the true identity of Ricardo Klement. In Argentina, the criminal was well known to the local Nazi community, which was to help and protect him.

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Adolf Eichmann came to Argentina as Ricardo KlementReuters Archive

Klammer gives the address and shows the photo

The Klammer family admitted that Gerhard informed the German authorities of Eichmann’s whereabouts in the early 1950s, but never received a reply to the report. In 1959, when Klammer returned to Germany, he told a friend – a priest – who served in the German army about Eichmann.

The clergyman was to convey the information about the Nazi bishop, who in turn passed it on to the German state prosecutor of Hesse, Fritz Bauer. The information from Klammer turned out to be crucial – it included Eichmann’s home address and a photo from the early 1950s when the men worked for a construction company.

Previously, Bauer had information from Lothar Hermann, who lived in Argentina, whose daughter had gone on a date with Eichmann’s son. The man reported to Bauer of the incident in 1957, who reported it to the Mossad, who sent agents to try to locate Eichmann. Then the action was unsuccessful.

In 1960, Israeli intelligence located the whereabouts of the Nazi criminal Adolf EichmannReuters Archive

Klammer’s key information

The Sueddeutsche Zeitung indicated that the information provided by Klammer in 1959 was detailed enough to enable the Mossad to capture Eichmann. The rest of the story is known – Bauer met in Israel with the then Mossad chief Isser Harel. In 1960, Eichmann was tracked down. Agents caught him on his way home from work. Then they made sure it was definitely him and smuggled him aboard a flight to Israel.

Although Eichmann changed his place of residence after Klammer’s departure, agents managed to find out the address, apprehend the criminal and transported him to Israel, where he was convicted and hanged in 1962. Bauer kept his word – he will not reveal the source of the information. Mossad was also silent.

Main photo source: Reuters Archive

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