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Germany. Lecture on the existence of two genders at the Humboldt University in Berlin, assisted by police and security

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The biologist Marie-Luise Vollbrecht gave a lecture at the Humboldt University in Berlin on the existence of two biological sexes. The lecture was supposed to take place on July 2, but then the university canceled it due to “security concerns”. This time, the university took precautions.

As reported on Friday by the daily newspaper “Bild”, on Thursday a police car was parked in front of the lecture hall, and a security company inspected the bags of people entering.

In order to be able to participate in the lecture, the audience had to register in advance, providing their personal data, and only previously registered people could enter the room. This time, Vollbrecht, a PhD student in biology at the Humboldt University, was able to deliver a lecture without any problems. Earlier, law students had announced that it would be prevented, and the university yielded to pressure and postponed the speech.

As “Bild” adds, Vollbrecht’s lecture concerned the issue of gender in terms of biology and reproductive cells. This, according to Vollbrecht, determines gender and “has no bearing on gender”.

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– I really do not want to say anything about it – commented Vollbrecht, when asked to comment on her critics, accusing her of “transphobia”, that is, condemning transgender people.


– I completely agree with Ms Vollbrecht, there is hardly any discussion about it in biology – confirmed her thesis supervisor, Professor Ruediger Krahe, in an interview with the “Berliner Zeitung”.

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As “Bild” describes, despite the fact that Vollbrecht’s lecture “ended with great applause, she did not want to answer any more questions later” and offered interested parties to ask questions on Twitter.

On the same day, the university organized a panel discussion “Opinion, freedom, science – how to deal with social controversy at universities” with the participation of the Minister of Education, Bettina Stark-Watzinger, the university chancellor and representatives of social organizations representing homosexual and transsexual people. Vollbrecht, despite the invitation, did not take part in the discussion.


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