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Germany. Local elections in Bavaria and Hesse – victory for the Christian Democrats. AfD is getting stronger

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The CSU Christian Democrats, led by Bavaria’s Prime Minister Markus Soeder, once again proved to be the strongest force in this state, winning Sunday’s local elections. The Christian Democrats also won in Hesse. The position of the far-right AfD has strengthened in both states. After Sunday’s elections, there may be no FDP liberals in local parliaments, German media predict.

The projected CSU result in Bavaria is 36.5-37 percentage points. “This would mean that this party, which has been at the head of the Bavarian government for 65 years, would achieve an even worse result than in 2018,” FAZ emphasizes. CSU then obtained 37.2 percent.

Free Voters will improve their result – up to 14%. (from 11.6% in 2018). The Greens are losing voters, achieving a result of 15.5-16 percent. AfD is gaining strongly and has a chance of gaining 15-16 percent. – this is 5-6 percentage points more than in the previous ones elections.

CSU supporters during Bavarian Prime Minister Markus Soeder’s speechPAP/EPA/ANNA SZILAGYI

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SPD achieves a “modest result” of around 8.5%. FDP will leave parliament after obtaining only 3 percent. votes – reported the portal “Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung” (FAZ).

The Christian Democrats are also winning in Hesse

Also in Hesse, the Christian Democrats turned out to be the strongest force. The CDU, led by the prime minister and the party’s leading candidate Boris Rhein, will achieve up to 34.5-35.5 percent. In 2018, the CDU’s result was 27%.

“The SPD, together with its main candidate, Federal Minister of the Interior Nancy Faeser, is heading for a historically bad result of 15.5-16 percent.” – emphasizes FAZ. As Faeser has already commented, this election result is “very disappointing” for her.

The co-ruling Greens also lost some voters, gaining 15.5 percent. support (in 2018: 19.8%).

In Hesse, too, the FDP’s presence in the state parliament is at risk. The Left and the Free Voters will most likely not exceed the 5% electoral threshold.

AfD supporters in BavariaPAP/EPA/LEONHARD SIMON

The right-wing AfD in Hesse gained voters, winning 16-17 percent. votes. – Our policy proves that we are right. More and more voters trust us. People are dissatisfied with the immigration policy of the German federal government, commented AfD leader Alice Weidel in ARD. In total, almost 12 million people were entitled to vote in Bavaria and Hesse.

Main photo source: PAP/EPA/ANNA SZILAGYI

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