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Germany. Media: A pro-Putin activist will stand trial for the help of the Russian army

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She praised Russia’s actions in Ukraine, promoted the mercenaries of the Wagner Group and will be prosecuted for it, wrote the “Bild” portal about the activities of the pro-Putin activist from Cologne. In addition, he added, during a trip to the Russian-occupied part of Ukraine, the woman was supposed to hand over tents and radios to the Russian army. If convicted, Bild said she could face up to five years in prison.

She praised the actions Russia in Ukraine, promoted Wagner Group mercenaries and provided aid to the Russian army. But now it’s over, writes the portal of the “Bild” daily. Two proceedings are pending against pro-Putin activist Elena Kolbasnikova from Cologne.

Evidence to be used in the proceedings was provided by the activist herself: on May 8, 2022, Kolbasnikova in an interview for “BILD Live” stated that “Russia is not the aggressor. Russia is helping to end war in UkraineIn doing so, according to the investigating authorities, she committed, among other things, “consent of crimes”.

Propaganda poster of the Russian army in Saint PetersburgPAP/EPA/ANATOLY MALTSEV

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On Wednesday, she was supposed to sit in the dock at the Cologne District Court, but the trial was postponed, writes “Bild”. “Just in case, Kolbasnikova took with her other Putin supporters, including the far-right politician Markus Beisicht. Counter-demonstrators also appeared in front of the courthouse at the same time, so the police had to intervene,” the article reads.

Help for the Russian army. “Bild” about the activist

Earlier this week, Kolbasnikova was visited by the police for another reason. As the German daily wrote, “On Monday, investigators raided her house. She and her husband allegedly advertised Wagner Group mercenaries on social networks and used the Russian ‘Z’ war symbol.”

In addition, during a trip to the part occupied by Russia Ukraine was supposed to give tents and radios to the Russian army. “Again, Kolbasnikova herself provided evidence by publishing photos from the expedition to Donbass” – noted “Bild”.

She also reminds that the activist, who has been living in Germany, organized several pro-Putin demonstrations in Cologne. If convicted, she faces up to five years in prison, the newspaper reported.

Main photo source: PAP/EPA/ANATOLY MALTSEV

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