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Germany. Media: Til Schweiger accused by colleagues of harassment and violence. The actor and director denies the allegations

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The well-known German actor and director Til Schweiger is accused of harassment and violence during the filming, the portal of the weekly “Spiegel” reported. These accusations are made by people who worked with him. According to the portal, the star denies these allegations.

“Warnings reach employees via radio. Til Schweiger is on his way to the film set and is so drunk that you should not get in his way. Do not look him in the eye and (you should – ed.) stay away” – he wrote on Friday, the portal “Spiegel”.

He was supposed to come to the set drunk. “He was aggressive”

In July 2022, the film “Manta Manta – Zwoter Teil”, a continuation of the 1991 classic, was filmed on the premises of the former factory in Dortmund. Once again, Til Schweiger played the lead role, but this time he was also the director. As reported by the portal of the German weekly, one day the shooting was supposed to start at 11, but “when Schweiger showed up, he found he couldn’t shoot.”

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He swayed and gibbered, four eyewitnesses described independently of each other. “You could tell right away that he was aggressive,” said a person who was on set that day.

Til SchweigerThomas Niedermueller/Getty Images

Til Schweiger was about to punch a record company employee in the face

According to this account, Schweiger staggered towards the factory building – the filming location. A high-ranking employee of the producer, Constantin Film AG, stood in his way. He explained to Schweiger that he could not work in this condition.

Several crew members describe what happened next as a “shock”. There was a struggle and Schweiger tried to get into the factory building. However, the employee did not let him pass. Schweiger reportedly became enraged, made threats, and then punched the man in the face. According to witnesses, members of the crew intervened.

“Atmosphere of Fear”. Actor accused of drunkenness and harassment, and now also violence

It was a situation that shocked many on set, but apparently surprised few. During the filming of “Manta 2”, the crew members have already got used to many things – witnesses say. It’s about Schweiger’s drunkenness, his yelling, insulting and harassing employees. But they have not yet experienced violence from him, according to several members of the crew.

Many people who spoke for “Spiegel” talk about the “atmosphere of fear that prevails on Schweiger’s film sets”. “Most of them ask not to be named because Schweiger, who also directs many of his films, is powerful. He can promote and end careers,” the newspaper reported.

A lawyer representing Schweiger replied to Spiegel’s questions that some facts were not known to her client. In her opinion, the weekly “apparently did not receive comprehensive information” and “rumors that have been circulating” for years are “misrepresented as factual”.

Main photo source: Thomas Niedermueller/Getty Images

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