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Germany. Mysterious robbery of a bank van. The prosecutor's office is helpless

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“There were clearly criminals smarter than the police expected” – said the author of the text in the German daily “Bild”, commenting written off by investigators investigation.

However, it all started on the morning of March 2, 2023, when unknown perpetrators on the A20 motorway they attacked an armored van near the town of Gützkow in the state of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. According to the services' findings, they drove into the vehicle, stopped it, and then started shooting.

They sprayed dark paint on the windshield of the bank's van, then broke the back door and took the money. They stole over 3 million euroswhich were to go to the German Federal Bank.

Mysterious robbery in Germany. The prosecutor's office was helpless and discontinued the investigation

The case was investigated by the police. First, the services suspected one of the largest criminal groups in the country – Remmo – but this option was ruled out. Ultimately the main suspect and accomplices (10 people) were caught by the police a few weeks after the robbery in Lower Saxony. During the operation, one submachine gun was also seized.

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“Extensive investigation, surveillance, searches, account verification and forensic examinations. All for nothing” – described “Bild”. As we read, the attack was carried out so meticulously and professionally that no evidence could not be clearly assignedto prove any of the selected persons participated in the crime.

As a result, the prosecutor's office finally made its decision refrain from pressing charges any of the suspects. Nine were released. One is already in prison, serving time for another robbery.

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