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Germany. President Frank-Walter Steinmeier coments Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder’s collaboration with Russian companies

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The cooperation of the former German Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder with Russian energy companies raised many questions and put Germany in an embarrassing light in Europe, especially towards its eastern neighbors, said German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier in an interview with “Bild am Sonntag”. The German president admitted that the former chancellor “made personal decisions that torn us apart.”

– Schroeder’s involvement in Russian energy companies has left many question marks in Europe, especially among our Eastern European neighbors, also in relation to our country. It was not good – assessed the president.

Consequences of cooperation with the Russians

“Much of what Schroeder started during his tenure has been overshadowed by his retirement behavior,” Steinmeier added. He added that “this has consequences not only for Schroeder himself, but also for the whole German“.

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Steinmeier worked closely with Schroeder in the past – in 1999-2005 he was the head of the Chancellor’s Office during Schroeder’s tenure. In an interview, the president also distanced himself from him personally. – We walked the road together for 15 years, for 17 years I have been going my political path without him. During this time, Gerhard Schroeder made personal decisions that set us apart, Steinmeier said.

Gerhard SchroederEPA / FELIPE TRUEBA

Schroeder has been criticized for years for his involvement in Russian state-owned companies and for his close relations with the president Vladimir Putin. Sam Steinmeier, after that Russia On February 24, she started a war against Ukraine on a full scale, he has been criticized for his policy towards Russia over the past two decades. It was only after long hesitation that he admitted mistakes, e.g. in Putin’s opinion.

The portal of the German NTV station wrote on Tuesday that Gerhard Schroeder could find a new position. The portal reported, referring to Gazprom’s statement that the Russian company was upholding Schroeder’s appointment to its supervisory board. The actual nomination took place in February this year. As recalled, the former chancellor in his only interview for the New York Times since the beginning of the Russian invasion (at the end of April) left an open question as to whether he would accept the nomination to Gazprom.

Schroeder referred to the information that appeared in a post on his LinkedIn account. “I resigned from my appointment to the Gazprom supervisory board a long time ago. I also informed the company about it,” wrote the former leading German politician, whose entry is quoted by the Reuters Agency.

Gerhard Schroeder left Rosneft

Rosneft announced in May that Gerhard Schroeder was resigning from the supervisory board of the Russian oil company. He was to convey that he could no longer hold his position. Information on this matter was provided by Reuters, citing the company’s statement. “It is not possible to extend his mandate in the supervisory board,” the Russian company said without giving any details.

Gerhard Schroeder, who was chancellor of Germany from 1998-2005, faced harsh criticism from the public for remaining in a lucrative position at Rosneft. The 78-year-old has been on the supervisory board of an oil company since 2017.

Due to his involvement on the side of Russia, Schroeder also lost the privileges enjoyed by former chancellors, including Representative office and staff paid by the German government. Too European parliament wants to put Schroeder on the sanctions list.

Main photo source: EPA / OMER MESSINGER

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