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Germany. Reuters: Three Russian women possibly poisoned in Germany. Interview with Elena Kosciuchenko

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Russian freelance journalist Elena Kostyuchenko never thought that she might be poisoned while outside Russia. However, the woman suddenly fell ill on the train to Berlin. At the same time, similar symptoms were found about two other Russian journalists.

– When you work as an investigative reporter in Russiayou are always careful,” Russian independent journalist Elena Kostyuchenko told Reuters.

– You follow different protocols. But when I got to Europe, I completely forgot about all these security measures, admitted the journalist who exposed some Russian war crimes in Ukraine.

German investigators are investigating whether Kostiuchenko, who is currently in hiding, was not the victim of an attack when she suddenly fell ill in October 2022. – During the journey from Munich to Berlin, I suddenly felt dizzy and had severe abdominal pain. These symptoms persisted for several weeks.

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Elena KosciuchenkoReuters

By the time the journalist realized she might have been poisoned, it was too late for prosecutors to investigate what substances she had ingested. “I had to take my rings off because my fingers were so swollen,” she recalled. Months later, he is still suffering from the effects of the poisoning, and can only work three hours a day.

The Reuters agency reminds that in the past there were attempts to poison enemies abroad Vladimir Putin – including former secret agents Sergei Skripal and Alexander Litvinenko.

Attempts to poison Russian journalists

Although the Kremlin denies involvement in the killings, according to Kostyuchenko, “that would fit in with Putin’s narrative that traitors cannot be forgiven.” – I have never cooperated with the secret services and, despite everything, I thought I was safe in Europe – said the journalist.

At a time when Russian activists and journalists believe that they are under threat in their own country, the capitals European Union countries they see as safe havens and fail to consider the possibility of being targeted there as well.

“When I got to Europe, I completely forgot about security measures. During the trip to Munich, I used Messenger – Kostyuczenko admitted.

The Reuters agency points out that the woman was one of three independent Russian journalists believed to have been poisoned abroad during a similar period. All three had similar symptoms.

Main photo source: Reuters

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