Germany. Storms. Hail drifts. People removed them with shovels


A violent thunderstorm with hail hit the German city of Reutlingen. The streets turned white as if winter had come. Hail drifts were 30 centimeters high in places.

The storm swept across the city of Reutlingen in the Neckar-Alb region on Friday. It was accompanied by hail.

Hail drifts

In some places, hail drifts were up to 30 centimeters high and were cleared from roads by snowblowers. Some residents of Reutlingen did not wait for help, they cleaned the hailstones from the sidewalks and garages on their own with the help of shovels.

The violent weather brought traffic to a halt in the city.

Main photo source: Timo Mendritzki / Reuters

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