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Germany, Suesterseel. A breakthrough in the case of the missing Polish woman: the remains of the murdered Dorota G. were found in her husband’s house

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After nearly seven years, Dorota G’s case was clarified. The woman disappeared without a trace in Suesterseel (North Rhine-Westphalia) in 2016. Her husband Manfred G. quickly became the target of suspicion, but evidence was lacking until now. A week ago, human remains were found in G.’s house, and on Tuesday investigators officially confirmed that they belonged to Dorota G., informs the RTL portal.

“This is a breakthrough in the case of Dorota G, missing in 2016. The woman’s husband is suspected of murder,” said the head of the local homicide department Michael Fritsch-Hoermann, quoted by RTL.

Since October 18, 2016, the day Dorota G. disappeared, no trace of her has been found. The 29-year-old was last seen at her home in Suesterseel. Investigators suspected Manfred G. from the beginning, but evidence was lacking.

Last Tuesday, after nearly seven years of investigation, the body of a missing woman was found. Most likely, she was the victim of a homicide. Investigators assume death by strangulation, and consider the husband’s jealousy to be the motive.

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On the day Dorota G.’s body was found, her husband was arrested and since then has been arrested on suspicion of murder. Investigators stressed that the vulnerable, “unsuspecting woman did not expect an attack in her own home that October evening.”

“It was Manfred G. who last saw his wife alive”

Manfred G., who reported her allegedly missing to the police three days after the murder of his wife, claimed that “she left the house after an argument and did not return.” This attracted the attention of the investigators, because Dorota G. did not have the necessary items with her: glasses and a mobile phone. In addition, she has not been seen in public by neighbors, on public transport or on surveillance since then.

“It was Manfred G. who was the last to see his wife alive” – ​​emphasized the prosecutors. Despite a thorough search of the house, the property and the nearby forest, no trace of the woman could be found.

It was quickly established that the marriage of Manfred and Dorota G. was in crisis. The woman wanted to leave with her 7-year-old son and start a new life with another man. Manfred did not want to accept this, during an argument he murdered Dorota G.

“Then, after the arrest, Manfred G., despite the testimony containing ambiguities, was not charged due to the lack of his wife’s body,” Prosecutor Wilhelm Muckel said. “It was certain for us that Dorota G. had been murdered in her home, but we did not know how – whether it was a homicide, a fatal bodily injury, or an accident” – explained Muckel.

Evidence has been obtained

Investigators continued to gather evidence. They noticed that Manfred G. had been living with his girlfriend in a new house in the neighboring town of Geilenkirchen for almost two years. Despite his financial difficulties, he also paid the rent for a previous house in Suesterseel, so “there must have been something interesting there.” The persistence of the investigators paid off: last Tuesday, the evidence needed to re-arrest G was finally obtained. The officers searched the house in Suesterseel again – there, in the outbuilding, “they found a large bag, and in it Dorota G.’s corpse in an advanced state of decomposition.” Investigators assume that Manfred G. changed the place where his wife’s body was hidden several times, because no traces were found during previous searches of the house with the participation of, among others, tracking dogs.

Manfred G. refuses to explain the crime. However, the discovery of the corpse is an important breakthrough in the investigation and will finally allow the man suspected of murdering Dorota G. to be charged, the investigators emphasized.

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