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Germany. The expansion of the Chancellery in Berlin could reach one billion euros. Appeals to stop investments

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In connection with the ongoing preparatory work for the construction of the new seat of the Federal Chancellery in Berlin, more and more German politicians are asking questions about the rightness of this investment, the costs of which, estimated at EUR 777 million before the outbreak of inflation, may reach almost one billion euros, the daily portal writes on Friday. Sueddeutsche Zeitung”. Politicians from the ruling coalition have also voiced their doubts, arguing that the ongoing economic crisis.

The new building is to be erected near the current building on the Spree, in the area of ​​the current Chancellery Garden. “Due to the crisis, Chancellor Scholz should stop the extensive and costly expansion of the Federal Chancellery,” Sandra Weeser told Sueddeutsche Zeitung (FDP), head of the building committee of the German Bundestag. – We live in times of economic crisis. People in our country feel it every day. (…) Therefore, I believe that it is particularly important for the government to set a good example and check what expenses are really necessary at the moment, she stressed.

Plan for the expansion of the chancellor’s office in Berlin

As “Sueddeutsche Zeitung” reminds, the expansion plans date back to the time of the chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU). Initially, the plans assumed the cost of the investment at EUR 600 million. The extension is to provide new offices for 770 employees (currently there is room for 400). “There are also plans for a kindergarten and a new helipad, as well as a wiretap-proof building for employees of the Federal Intelligence Service” – adds “SZ”.

Chancellor’s Office in GermanyRico Markus/Shutterstock

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Chancellor Scholz is of the opinion that “the plan that has been prepared for so long, and which is now very advanced, should be implemented.” The government has repeatedly emphasized that it is not a luxury building, but it is about meeting global standards. The finished building would become “one of the largest government centers in the world” – notes “SZ”.

Experts warn that the investment costs may ultimately exceed one billion euros due to rising prices. – Basically, we should consider whether doubling the structures that have been created in the ministries and the Federal Chancellery is the right direction for the future. (…) The Chancellery should go back to its lean and efficient pre-Merkel structures, Weeser said.

In autumn 2022, the budget committee of the Bundestag agreed to carry out the extension. The current building of the Chancellery, where the then Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder moved in (SPD), has been operating since 2001. Its construction cost around 540 million euros (estimated at 2022 prices).

– Originally, the decision to expand the Federal Chancellery was right. But today we are in a completely different situation – commented Jan-Marco Luczak (CDU), spokesman for construction policy of the Christian Democrat parliamentary club in the Bundestag. – At a time when many people and companies are complaining about the reason energy prices and inflation, often fearing for their existence, a lavish building worth almost a billion euros would send a completely misguided political signal. (…) Instead of great residences, it would be better to build more flats, summed up Luczak.

Main photo source: Rico Markus/Shutterstock

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