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Germany. The former guard of the Sachsenhausen concentration camp will be brought to trial, he is 100 years old

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The 100-year-old former guard of the Nazi concentration camp Sachsenhausen near Berlin will stand trial in autumn, informed the German weekly “Welt am Sonntag”. This will happen 76 years after the end of the Second World War.

A man whose name was not disclosed under German law on the defendants was charged with complicity in the killings in 3,500 cases. The trial is slated to start in October at the district court of Neuruppin in the federal state of Brandenburg.

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A court spokesman told the newspaper that the accused should be able to attend hearings for two to two and a half hours a day. The accused was to work in the years 1942-1945 as a guard at the camp in Sachsenhausen, where about 200,000 were imprisoned. people, and 20 thousand. murdered.

While the number of suspects of Nazi crimes is shrinking, prosecutors are continuing their efforts to bring those responsible to trial. The Reuters agency recalled that a landmark judgment was issued in 2011. It has opened the way for charges to be brought against other people because it was the first time that work in a concentration camp was found to be a basis for apportioning blame, despite the lack of evidence of a specific crime being committed.

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