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Germany. The interview does not rule out that Putin may attack NATO countries after 2026 – Business Insider

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In the latest analysis, German intelligence services did not rule out that Vladimir Putin may attack at least part of the territory of NATO countries after 2026 – reports Business Insider.

Business Insider refers to information from a classified report by the German intelligence services. According to the website, the report stated that “a significant intensification of Russian arms production is observed, which may lead to a doubling of Russia's military potential in the next five years compared to the current state, especially in the field of conventional weapons.”

“Troop movements, restructuring of the armed forces and the deployment of new missiles, especially in western Russia, would also suggest that Putin is preparing for a serious conflict with the West,” we read on the website. “Specifically, according to current observations of the situation in Russia, it can no longer be ruled out that after 2026 Putin will attack at least part of NATO territory, for example in the Baltic countries or Finland,” writes Business Insider.

As recalled, just a few days ago the Lithuanian intelligence services also stated in their annual report that – in their opinion – Russia prepares to clash with FOR THIS.

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“Russia shows no intention to de-escalate the situation”

“Russia is providing huge funds for the war in Ukraine and shows no intention to de-escalate the situation, even if it does not achieve its operational goals. At the same time, (the Kremlin) is preparing for a long-term confrontation with NATO, including in the Baltic Sea region,” the German report is said to have stated .

According to Business Insider, NATO headquarters also shares concerns about Russia's expansion of military power and the risk of escalation in relations with the West. “However, this does not have to lead to war. In the medium term, American intelligence services do not see any danger of an attack. According to them, Putin's troops would need another five to eight years to regain the military potential they had before the invasion of Ukraine,” noted the German website.

Nevertheless, in the Alliance's command, “the possibility of a Russian attack, even if only on part of NATO territory, is no longer discussed as abstractly as it used to be,” Business Insider noted.


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