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Germany. The pub from Munich offers beer for sunflower oil. The answer to a shortage of cooking fat

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A Munich pub, when the kitchen was running out of fat for food preparation, made it possible for its customers to pay for beer with sunflower oil. The unusual form of settlements is a response to supply shortages caused by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. The manager explained that this precaution was to protect the premises from a situation where “at some point there will be nothing to fry schnitzels on”.

The shortage of sunflower oil in European countries was caused by the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Russia and Ukraine account for 80 percent of the world’s exports of this fat. In Germany Bottles of sunflower and rapeseed oil are disappearing from store shelves, and many supermarkets are choosing to limit their customers, Reuters agency noted.

The Munich pub found the answer

An unusual answer to the problems with the availability of oil was found in the Munich pub of the Giesinger brewery, which offered customers the opportunity to pay for a liter of their favorite beer with the same amount of sunflower oil.

The Munich brewery offers an exchange of beer for sunflower oilReuters

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Beer bar manager Erik Hoffmann explained to Reuters that the idea came while the kitchen was out of fat. – Obtaining oil is very difficult. (…) When you need 30 liters of oil a week, and instead there are 15, at some point you won’t be able to fry schnitzels – he said.

The Reuters agency noted that the offer may tempt customers, because a liter of beer in German pubs costs around EUR 7 (at the current exchange rate over PLN 33), while the same amount of sunflower oil costs EUR 4.5 (PLN 21.5). .

According to Hoffmann, about 400 liters of oil have so far been obtained through replacement.

Main photo source: Reuters

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