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Germany. The Ukrainians have completed “intensive training” on German Leopards

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German media reported on Tuesday that a group of Ukrainian soldiers completed “intensive, several-week training on Leopard 2 tanks” in their country. The day before, the media in Kiev reported that the first Ukrainian crews operating the Leopard 2 aircraft had completed a four-week training in Zaragoza, Spain.

Trained Ukrainian soldiers will probably soon go to the front, where they will be able to fight the Russians using a modern weapon system, the German portal Tagesschau reported on Tuesday.

– At the end of the course, the crews practiced attack and retreat with live ammunition at the Bergen military training ground in Lower Saxony – said Brigadier General Bjoern Schulz, commander of the armored training center in Muenster (Lower Saxony). The program included equipment and simulator exercises, combat training in the field and the so-called. shooting school.


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“Ukrainian soldiers turned out to be not only incredibly motivated, but also very skilled in learning both technology and combat principles,” added Schulz. As he emphasized, everything possible was done to provide the soldiers with the best possible training. “More would be useful, but of course the conditions of war do not allow it,” said the general.

German Leopard 2 tanks. Illustrative photo Daniel Karmann/dpa/PAP

As Schulz explained, the German instructors were aware of what the Ukrainian soldiers participating in the training will have to face in the near future – “this means a war that cannot be even more brutal.”

Quick preparation of two battalions

Government German announced on January 25 the goal of quickly preparing two battalions of Leopard 2 tanks for Ukraine. As Tagesschau reminds, the main participants in this initiative are Poland, Norway, Canada and Spain. In February, Poland delivered the first four Western tanks of the older type (Leopard 2 A4) to Ukraine. Germany wants to deliver 18 modern Leopard 2 A6 tanks to Ukraine. Experts argue that the Leopard 2 tanks are doing “significantly better” against Russian armored units.

As part of the EU military aid for Ukraine, several training courses for soldiers are conducted in Germany. A special training command was established in Strausberg near Berlin, headed by Lieutenant General Andreas Marlow. As he confirmed, 1.1 thousand people were trained last year. soldiers, this year it is to be 9 thousand.

An expert on Leopards for Ukraine: this is the first signal about the beginning of the Ukrainian offensiveTVN24

Completed training in Spain

In total, about 30,000 soldiers from Ukraine are to take part in the courses in the EU countries over the course of two years.

On Monday, Ukrainian media reported that the first ten Ukrainian crews operating Leopard 2 tanks completed a four-week training at the National Training Center in Zaragoza, Spain.

55 Ukrainian soldiers aged 21 to 60 took part in the training. The crew of the tank consisted of a commander, driver, loader and gunner. In addition, 15 technicians were trained, of which five are mechanics, five – electronics and five – weapons specialists.

Ukrainian soldiers are trained to operate Leopard 2 tanks in Zaraggos, Spain

Ukrainian soldiers are trained to operate Leopard 2 tanks in Zaraggos, Spain Reuters

The trainees had previous experience in operating tanks, so the training focused on the technical aspects of the Leopard 2. The training, conducted by Spanish specialists, took place 12 hours a day, six days a week and included theoretical sessions, training on the simulator and exercises on the maneuvering field – writes Ukrainska True.

The course took place after the Spanish authorities declared in February to deliver six Leopard 2A4 tanks to Ukraine. Madrid is currently considering increasing the number of tanks it intends to hand over to Kiev to ten.

Ukrainian soldiers during training in SpainJavier Cebollada/PAP/EPA

Training also in Poland

Ukrainian soldiers are also undergoing training in the use of Leopard 2 tanks in Świętoszów, Poland. In mid-February, the place was visited by the president Andrzej Duda together with the Deputy Prime Minister, head of the Ministry of National Defence Mariusz Blaszczak.

– We called on our allies, we asked them to also allocate Leopard tanks and others to Ukraine as part of the aid component, we want the entire armored brigade to assemble, we have a positive response from the allies – he said and listed which countries decided to donate tanks – he said then Duda.

This is the course at the Leopard Training Center in Świętoszów

This is the course at the Leopard Training Center in ŚwiętoszówTVN24 Wroclaw

Main photo source: Daniel Karmann/dpa/PAP

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