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Germany. They have a problem with rooks. “Can’t walk through the park”

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The people of Emmerich in western Germany have a problem with rooks. Large colonies of birds inhabit the park located in the city center and pollute the surroundings. There were also several incidents with birds on the city’s promenade, according to local media, but no one was injured. Ornithologists reassure that these birds are not a threat to humans.

In Emmerich in North Rhine-Westphalia, rooks have taken over part of the town. Large colonies of birds inhabit the Rhine Park located in the city center, dirtying the surroundings and being a problem for the residents.

“They fly straight at people”

– This is terrible. You can’t walk through the park without getting dirty. They make a lot of noise and fly straight at people – said one Emmerich resident. There were also several incidents with birds on the city promenade in the city, as reported by local media, but no one was injured.

The Emmerich authorities were also interested in the case. Tim Terhorst from the city council explained that representatives of the authorities went to the site together with a representative of the nature conservation office

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“We wanted to look at the whole situation and assess whether it was one bird that was acting strangely, or whether it was several animals,” he said.

Residents of a German city have a problem with rooksENEX

Like from a Hitchcock movie? The ornithologist explains

As ornithologist Uta Maria Jürgens explained, birds from the corvid family are not predators, and their beaks are not adapted to hurting. This means that a rook attack would not result in serious damage.

– The worst that can happen is a scratch on the head and forehead, but they are easily avoided by raising your hand in defense. she explained. – They may seem scary to us because of associations with “The Birds” by Hitchcock. But nature doesn’t work that way.

The probable reason for rooks’ behavior in the spring is their instinct and need to protect chicks. So far, the city has tried to discourage the birds in various ways, but artificial owls, rattling buckets and hoses with sprinklers in trees have not helped.

Main photo source: ENEX

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