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Germany. Till Lindemann, lead singer of the band Rammstein – there is an investigation

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An investigation has been launched against Rammstein singer Till Lindemann, the prosecutor’s office in Berlin confirmed, a spokeswoman for the prosecutor’s office informed. According to the German media, the musician is accused of forcing sexual activities and sharing drugs.

As the spokeswoman for the prosecutor’s office explained, the investigation was initiated after several notifications submitted by third parties (not directly related to the case), as well as ex officio by the Berlin prosecutor’s office. “At this time, no more information can be released for the sake of the investigation and to protect the personal rights of those potentially affected,” she added.

“Berliner Zeitung”, “Bild” and “Tagesspiegel” reported that the investigation concerns the suspicion of committing a crime under Article 177 of the Penal Code regarding sexual assault, coercion or rape.

Several German media outlets have been conducting their own investigations since the end of May. Welt am Sonntag published in early June the results of a journalistic investigation – several women testified that they were drugged during Rammstein concerts and that they were sexually assaulted. The NDR and WDR portals and the Sueddeutsche Zeitung daily reached out to the women, who also made similarly serious allegations against Lindemann.

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– I am very happy that our voices have finally been heard and taken seriously. Especially after the actions of the Lithuanian police and Till Lindemann’s lawyers, such a development of the case means a lot to the victims – commented 24-year-old Shelby Lynn for Welt, who on May 25 was the first to tweet about her experiences during the band’s concert in Vilnius. A few days later, similar reports of other women appeared in the media.

Lynn was questioned by the Lithuanian police for almost five hours. However, after questioning, the local police refused to take further action and Lynn filed a complaint.

On June 8, Lindemann’s lawyers denied in a statement that women at Rammstein concerts “were drugged with date rape pills or alcohol to enable him to perform sexual acts on them.” “These allegations are consistently untrue. We will take immediate legal action against individuals for any allegations of this nature,” the lawyers threatened.

Comments of politicians

Sebastian Schluesselburg (Left) asked the Judiciary Committee of the House of Representatives in Berlin to investigate Lindemann’s case, recalling the principle of the presumption of innocence. “If the prosecutor recognizes the existence of suspicion, then the right step is to start an investigation,” said the MP. – But it’s not just about whether a criminal offense has been committed. Mainly, it is about determining whether the structural inequality of power has been exploited. Such inequality (…) encourages the abuse of this power – he explained.

Last week Rammstein played four concerts at the stadium in Munich. The next concerts are to take place in Berlin on July 15, 16 and 18, the investigation launched has not yet resulted in their cancellation by the organizer, “Tagesspiegel” found out.

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– There will be no parties in Berlin after the Rammstein concert (…). The allegations are so serious that I have given absolute priority to the protection and safety of women, said Berlin Senator for the Interior and Sport Iris Spranger (SPD).

The initiation of the investigation was positively assessed by Bahar Haghanipour (Greens), Vice-President of the Berlin House of Representatives for Women. “From the accounts of the women who spoke out, a misogynistic system of abuse emerged,” she said.

As “Tagesspiegel” noted, on Monday the prosecutor’s office refused to provide information about a possible investigation, explaining that “there is a high risk of social prejudice against the persons concerned”.

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