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Saturday, October 23, 2021

Germany. Two Kremlin propaganda channels removed from YouTube

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The channels of the Russian media holding RT, which campaigned for disinformation and provided false information in Germany, were blocked and then removed from one of the websites. The Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs described it as an “act of information aggression”.

RT is the Russian state television broadcasting abroad in various language versions. She is a tool of the Kremlin and has been punished many times in the West for violating the principles of media impartiality.

In Germany, until Tuesday, the channels DE and Der Fehlende Part, linked to RT, were active on YouTube. On that day, however, they were removed. Google said they were spreading false information about the COVID-19 pandemic and received a warning over their publications. The right to publish videos has been suspended, but channels have attempted to circumvent these restrictions and have been removed.

Russian reaction

“The German-language projects of the Russian media holding RT have become the target of an act of unprecedented information aggression by YouTube video hosting,” the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said in a statement on Wednesday.

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The ministry accused the “German side” of “open indulgence, if not insistence” in this matter. It also announced that YouTube was operating “with the open and secret support of German authorities and local media, which had been harassing, for many years, practically openly and without embarrassment, the correspondents of Russian broadcasters.”


“The purpose of the aggression against the projects of the Russian media holding is clear: it is to jam the sources of information that do not fit in with the media background convenient for German officials,” reads a statement from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The ministry described these actions as a “plan” and added, “I don’t want to think that is about [Infobarbarossę]”- referring to the code name of Nazi aggression against the USSR (” Barbarossa Plan “).

RT will turn to “competent ministries”

“Taking into account the nature of the events completely in line with the logic of the information war against Russia, it seems that taking symmetrical actions in response to German media in Russia (…) is not only on the spot, but also necessary” – assessed the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs .

It announced that, at the request of the RT channel, it would address “the competent” Russian “ministries with a proposal to work out and take action against YouTube video hosting and German media.”

Russian state media and internet regulator, Roskomnadzor office, said on Wednesday that it had asked Google to unblock RT channels. He warned that otherwise he would consider the possibility of blocking YouTube.

Earlier, the head of RT, Margarita Simonjan, called for the German radio station Deutsche Welle to be banned in Russia and for the Moscow offices of the German TV channels ARD and ZDF to be closed.

Main photo source: MARTIN DIVISEK / PAP / EPA

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