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GetBack case. The trial is scheduled to start in January 2022

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The GetBack trial is to start in January 2022. The District Court in Warsaw planned that Konrad K., former president of the board of GetBack, will be the first to be heard. Hearings are to be held all day long and scheduled once a week.

The preparatory hearing at which the District Court in Warsaw planned the course of the evidence proceedings in the GetBack scandal was held on October 15th. The indictment, filed by the Regional Prosecutor’s Office in Warsaw, was brought to the same court a year earlier, on October 26, 2020.


GetBack – dissertation

“The presiding judge of the court informed the parties that she plans to set the first date for the main hearing in January. It is planned to schedule hearings once a week, and the dates will depend on whether other members of the bench will be available on those days” – she told the Polish Agency Press The Independent Press Section of the District Court in Warsaw.

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Judge Iwona Strączyńska is the chairman of the squad. At her request, due to the particular complexity of the case, it was decided to expand the bench. Judge Maciej Gruszczyński, judge Monika Niezabitowska-Nowakowska and judge Anna Ptaszek will adjudicate together with Judge Strączyńska.

The court established that it would begin the evidentiary proceedings by questioning the accused. The first explanation is to be provided by Konrad K., former president of the GetBack management board. He is the only person in pre-trial detention in this case. He has been in isolation since June 2018 and in August the court extended his detention until March 11 next year.

“The order of hearing the other defendants will depend on the conclusions of the parties. After hearing the accused, the Court will start listening to the witnesses requested in the indictment, the parties will also be able to decide on the order of hearing the witnesses” – the press section of the court said.

Hearings will be full-day, which means that they can last up to 7-8 hours.

GetBack case – defendants

The main thread of the GetBack case, which is to be put on trial in January 2022, concerns 16 accused persons, including Konrad K. Jarosław A. and Tobiasz B. were also accused – former CEOs of Idea Bank as well as Dariusz N. and Małgorzata Sz. – members of the management board of Idea Bank.

The indictment was 1,200 pages long and the files contained 1,600 volumes. The defendants were accused of committing fraud, abuse of the powers granted, causing large-scale damage and conducting brokerage activities without the required permit, for which they face a penalty of up to 15 years imprisonment.

In the case, the date of the hearing was not set for almost a year, due to the doubts that judge Iwona Strączyńska raised about the evidence collected by the Regional Prosecutor’s Office in Warsaw. In mid-February this year, four months after sending the case materials, the District Court in Warsaw decided that it would return the indictment to the prosecutor’s office. They requested it, inter alia, defendants of the accused. The court accused the prosecutor’s office, inter alia, of failure to interview all the aggrieved parties (over 9,000 people), violation of the rights of the accused to read the files at the end, or gaps in the opinions of experts.

The Regional Prosecutor’s Office in Warsaw immediately appealed against the decision of the court to return the indictment. The Court of Appeal in Warsaw set the dates for examining the complaint, first in April and then in May, but none of them took place. It was only on August 4 that the Court of Appeal in Warsaw decided that the materials collected by the Regional Prosecutor’s Office in Warsaw in the GetBack case were sufficient for the District Court in Warsaw to recognize it and issue a fair judgment.

GetBack case – investigation

The Regional Prosecutor’s Office in Warsaw initiated an investigation into GetBack on April 24, 2018. It still concerns nearly 60 people. One of them is Leszek Czarnecki, suspected of having committed fraud to the detriment of Idea Bank’s clients and causing the bank to be damaged in large dimensions. In July last year, the prosecutor’s office issued a decision to present charges to Czarnecki in connection with the GetBack case, but they were not formally announced to him, because the businessman is permanently abroad. The prosecution believes that Czarnecki is in hiding. In April this year. the court legally dismissed all motions of the prosecutor’s office, which demanded the arrest of the businessman.

In mid-October this year. The Central Anticorruption Bureau detained another 8 people in connection with the GetBack case.

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