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Getin Noble Bank. CHF loans – borrowers can submit claims, the Financial Ombudsman’s announcement

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Borrowers of Getin Noble Bank may submit claims arising from the payment of funds in connection with the invalidity of loan agreements indexed in Swiss francs, the Financial Ombudsman (RF) announced on Friday. The day before, Getin Noble Bank was declared bankrupt.

Bank Guarantee Fund (BFG) April 28 this year. filed a petition with the court to declare Getin Noble Bank bankrupt. On Thursday, the District Court for the Capital City of of Warsaw in Warsaw, XVIII Economic Department issued decision to declare Getin Noble Bank bankrupt.

Getin Noble Bank borrowers

“Receivables that have a property value, exist at the time of declaring bankruptcy and are subject to satisfaction from the assets covered by the bankruptcy estate are subject to notification in bankruptcy proceedings. Both monetary and non-monetary claims are subject to notification. The borrower of Getin Noble Bank may submit a claim resulting from the payment of funds by him in connection with the invalidity of the loan agreement indexed in CHF,” the release read.

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As explained, a Getin Noble Bank creditor who wants to participate in bankruptcy proceedings should, within the time limit specified in the bankruptcy decision, report his claim via the ICT system that supports court proceedings. The creditor should report the claim within 30 days from the date of announcement of the bankruptcy decision, i.e. by August 19, 2023 at the latest.

It was added that the creditor is obliged to submit claims in bankruptcy proceedings electronically through the National Register of Debtors. “In order to set up an account in the KRZ system, a natural person must go to the following address in a web browser: https://prs.ms.gov.pl/krz and click the Login field, and then Registration. After gaining access to the KRZ, and more specifically to the part of the KRZ intended for logged-in users, it is possible to fill out the form for submitting claims – it is the form number 30048” – we read.

It was explained that the application does not require the payment of a court fee and is free of charge for the creditor.

At the same time, the Financial Ombudsman assured that “he will monitor the situation related to the declaration of bankruptcy of Getin Noble Bank SA on an ongoing basis in order to properly protect the interests of customers of the financial market entity”.

Foreign currency loans are an exception

On September 30, 2022, the Bank Guarantee Fund (BFG) started the forced restructuring of Getin Noble Bank. Its activity was transferred to a joint bank of the BFG and the Commercial Bank Protection System, established by eight commercial banks. This is how VeloBank was created.

All GNB operations were transferred to VeloBank. The exception are mortgage loans denominated or indexed to foreign currencies (including Swiss franc), which were excluded from the transfer and remain with Getin Noble Bank.

At the end of June this year, BFG announced the commencement of the sale of VeloBank. He stressed that this did not affect the bank’s operations or its customer service.

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