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Giant Mountains. A policeman from Międzyrzecz saved a tourist on Śnieżka

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The tourist lost his balance on Śnieżka. The man slid down the steep slope and clung to the stone so as not to fall further. The policeman, with the help of the witnesses of the incident, dragged the victim onto the trail.

Senior sergeant Jakub Pendrak, a policeman from Międzyrzecz, spent his free time with his partner in the Karkonosze Mountains. On Sunday, they went to the highest peak, which is Śnieżka. Unexpectedly, the trip turned into a rescue operation. At one point, the couple noticed how the man moving in front of them suddenly loses his balance. – He stumbled over a stone wall and fell off the trail and straight onto a stone cliff. He stopped about two meters from the track line. When he tried to get up, he slipped on the slippery stones and tumbled another few meters up the steep stone slope, said Staff Sergeant Mateusz Maksimczyk, a police spokesman in Międzychód.


The policeman tried to pull the man out on his own. – He went through a stone wall and ordered one of the witnesses to grab him by the belt, then he slipped down to the injured man who was holding on to the stone so as not to roll down the cliff – reports the spokesman.

A policeman, who was also on the trail, set off to help the manLubuskie Police

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The situation seemed to get more and more difficult every minute. The injured person had several wounds on the head, arms and legs. It was getting harder and harder to cling to the side of the cliff. – The policeman, leaning against the nearby stones, pulled the victim to his height. Then, with the participation of witnesses, the man was dragged onto the trail, where he was given first aid in a safe place – he says.

Moments later, alarmed officers of the Mountain Volunteer Rescue Service appeared on the spot, taking over the injured man and providing him with the necessary medical assistance. – Thanks to the full determination of the policeman and professional action as well as the exemplary attitude of the witnesses to the accident, the whole situation ended happily for the injured man – adds the spokesman.

The policeman was on vacation with his partner Lubuskie Police

Main photo source: Lubuskie Police

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