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Gidle. Radomsko. The buffalo have escaped from the farm and are roaming around a large city. There is a recording

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Bisons were spotted in the forests near Gidle near Radomsko (Łódź Voivodeship) – two adults and one calf. The animals allegedly escaped from a private farm near Kłomnice in Silesia. The commune office and the district office in Radomsko appeal to residents not to approach animals. Their owner wants to catch them, but it is possible that they will have to be shot.

Three bison – two adults and one calf were seen in the forests in the Gidle commune. The animals have been living in the wild since last fall, when they allegedly escaped from a private farm near Kłomnice in Silesia. There was even a video recorded by hunters on the Internet.

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Watch out for buffalo

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Both the Gidle commune and the district office reported unusual animals. “The Gidle Commune Office informs that bison species have appeared in the Gidle commune, near the towns of Stęszów and Borowa, two adult animals and one calf, the animals are moving. We ask the residents to be particularly careful and not to approach the animals” – wrote the Gidle commune.

Buffaloes were seen near RadomskoDistrict Office in Radomsko

“We appeal to residents and people staying in the above-mentioned area to exercise particular caution, especially in forest areas, and not to approach animals,” wrote the district office in Radomsko.

Searching for bison. Even shooting them is possible

Our journalist initially contacted the district veterinarian in Radomsko, but he referred him to his counterpart in Częstochowa. Andrzej Sosnowski said in an interview with tvn24.pl that the buffaloes escaped from an approximately 40-hectare farm near Kłomnice. It is run by the owner of a large company in Częstochowa. Just a few years ago there was a private “zoo” there, with kangaroos, tigers and many other animals. According to Sosnowski, these animals are no longer there. Only 11 bison and… a brown bear remained. The veterinarian reported that two bison escaped – as reported by the owner – because the fence was damaged by unknown people. – The owner of the animals is interested in any information about the presence of these animals, he tries to find these animals and catch them – said the veterinarian. – This is not our native species that occurs here. Due to the fact that it is an invasive species, in accordance with the Act on Alien Species – each commune, mayor, president should notify the Łódź Regional Directorate for Environmental Protection, and they should take remedial actions, including rapid elimination, i.e. shooting of these animals. – according to the letter of the law, this is how it should be handled – emphasized Sosnowski. – I reserve that I cannot issue such a decision, I can suggest it – the final decision rests with the Regional Directorate for Environmental Protection – he concluded. We tried to contact the owner of the bisons, unfortunately to no avail.

Main photo source: District Office in Radomsko

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