Giertych: the building must be closed and new judges elected


– Our voters are convinced that this work is going too slowly – said KO MP Roman Giertych in “Kropka nad i” when asked about the pace of settlements by the PiS government. However, he added that he did not criticize Justice Minister Adam Bodnar for this reason. “I think his work is really, really important,” he said. He also talked about Tomasz Mraz's testimony, without which “we would still be in the woods with the investigation into the Justice Fund.”

Member of Parliament of the Civic Coalition Roman Giertych announced during Tuesday's meeting of the PiS government settlement team that he would meet with the Minister of Justice and the Prosecutor General on Friday Adam Bodnar. The topic will be the settlement of the PiS government and the “acceleration plan” presented by Giertych.

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Giertych: the building must be closed and new judges elected

Roman Giertych was a guest of “Kropka nad i” on TVN24. When asked about the pace of settlements, he said that “their voters believe that this work is going too slowly.” – This is partly due to the impatience that has been accumulating for eight years. For eight years we felt so powerless in the face of what was happening, and that's why the expectation is huge that the work of the prosecutor's office would simply take less time, he said.

Roman Giertych

He stated that prosecutors “who were nominated to the National Prosecutor's Office by Zbigniew Ziobro” should be removed from there. – First, you can suspend it for six months, next year we can adopt a law that will make it easier. There may be disciplinary proceedings leading to removal, he added.

He also said that regarding the National Council of the Judiciary, “we need to close the building and elect new judges” who will be its members. – If an unauthorized person enters the building, he or she should be stopped by security to prevent him from entering. The same applies to the neo-judges in the two chambers of the Supreme Court, as mentioned above Supreme Court in the resolution of the three chambers he said that they were not judges. So why are they allowed into the building and they pass judgment on each other? – he continued.

He added that the proposals he mentions in the program and which he presented at Tuesday's meeting of his team are “a contribution to the discussion”. – I do not insist, for example, that the proposal to recognize that there are no judges of the Constitutional Tribunal after the president did not swear in three correctly elected ones, that all subsequent ones are invalid, that this is definitely something we have to carry out. But let's discuss it, because today we have a Tribunal that is a parody, which is a mockery – he said.

– Mrs. (Krystyna – ed.) Pawłowicz, who behaves like a madwoman, issues some security measures. In a moment they will tell me that we cannot come to the Sejm because the Constitutional Tribunal is secured. What is this anyway? These are people who are simply out of space. They don't have any basic knowledge, he continued.

Giertych: I do not criticize Minister Bodnar

Roman Giertych announced that, in addition to Friday, he would meet with the Minister of Justice and Prosecutor General Adam Bodnar also on Wednesday and Thursday. He estimated that “there will be an opportunity to raise the issue” of the pace of settlements by the previous government. – I am not criticizing Minister Bodnar. I think that his work is really very important and what he has done with the prosecutor's office, what he is trying to do with the material he has, is truly chapeau bas, he said.

– But the electoral triple jump has ended and now we have to answer the question whether the next changes in the Polish state will wait for a favorable change of the president? Do we do it now as before elections there are no presidential elections? I am a supporter and our team is a supporter of the thesis that it should be carried out this summer and this fall – he added.

Giertych on the Justice Fund scandal: we know who the prosecutor's office will point to as the “leader”TVN24

Giertych: It's obvious who is in charge. This is Zbigniew Ziobro

Roman Giertych also commented on the request to waive the immunity of former Deputy Minister of Justice Marcin Romanowski. He said that Romanowski is under investigation for operating in an organized criminal group, but “the one who heads this group” has not been identified yet.

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– It is quite obvious who the prosecutor's office envisages as the “driver”, to put it in slang – said Giertych. In his opinion, this is it Zbigniew Ziobro. – He should be held responsible for this, with the reservation, of course, that if his health situation does not allow for arrest or criminal liability, there are certain provisions that exclude isolation for the period of treatment – said Giertych.

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“If it weren't for Mraz's contribution, we would be out in the woods with an investigation.”

The “Kropka nad i” guest also talked about the testimony of Tomasz Mraz, which was crucial for the investigation into the Justice Fund. – Mr. (Tomasz) Mraz is not my colleague. I met him in January or February this year. He came to me because he wanted to avoid criminal liability, but he also wanted to bring the evidence he had collected. He was a close associate of Messrs. Ziobro, Romanowski, Warchoł and Matecki. They were all friends. It was he (Mraz – ed.) who brought this information. If it weren't for his contribution, we would still be in the woods with an investigation into the Justice Fund – said the guest of “Kropka nad i”.

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Former director of the Justice Fund Department at the Ministry of Justice Tomasz Mraz on May 22 he talked about irregularities in the said fund. Later, many tapes that were recorded by the former director of the department for two years appeared in the media. Mraz is a client of Roman Giertych, a lawyer and head of the PiS parliamentary team for settlements.

Giertych: Sikorski would be a great president

Giertych: Sikorski would be a great presidentTVN24

Giertych: Sikorski would be a great president

When asked who he thought should be the candidate for president from the Civic Coalition, he replied that he supported Radosław Sikorski.

– It is no secret that I was a supporter of Radosław Sikorski's run when he ran in the primaries with Bronisław Komorowski. I was also a supporter of Radosław Sikorski five years ago and I am also now. It's my friend. “I think he would really be a great president,” he said.

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