GIS. Allos vegetable paste discontinued


The Chief Sanitary Inspectorate issued a warning on Friday regarding the possible presence of metal in vegetable paste with spinach and pine nuts of the Allos brand.

As explained in the communication, the Chief Sanitary Inspector was informed via the Rapid Alert System for Food and Feed (RASFF) about the recall of certain batches of vegetable paste with spinach and pine nuts due to the possibility of contamination of one of the product’s ingredients with metal fragments.

Recall of a food product

The GIS warning applies to the product: BIO gluten-free vegetable spread with spinach and pine nuts, 135 g of the Allos brand (original name: Allos Hof-Gemüse Spinat Pinienkerne) with expiry dates of 03/02/2024, 27/03/2024 and 03/05/2024. The manufacturer is Allos Hof Manufaktur GmbH, and the distributor is Bio Planet SA

Vegetable paste with spinach and pine nuts gluten-free BIO, 135 g by AllosGIS

GIS reported that Bio Planet SA immediately informed its customers about the withdrawal of the above batches of products from the market, and the sanitary inspection authorities are monitoring the process of withdrawing the questioned batches of the product.

“Do not consume the batches of the product indicated in the communication” – it was written in the communiqué of the office.

GIS alerts

On the website of the Chief Sanitary Inspectorate, warnings regarding food or products intended to come into contact with food are regularly published. These announcements – as the GIS emphasizes – are not used to stigmatize entrepreneurs, but to take immediate action: return products to the store or withdraw them from the assortment.

Thanks to cooperation with companies from the food industry, consumers can be quickly and effectively informed about the threat.

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