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GIS warns against the kitchen spoon. It emits harmful substances

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The Chief Sanitary Inspectorate issued a spaghetti spoon warning. The product is withdrawn from the market after inspection by sanepid. It has been found that when in contact with food, harmful substances are emitted from the spoon.

GIS informed in a communication that as a result of the official inspection of the State Sanitary Inspection, a non-compliance was found consisting in the migration of primary aromatic amines from the product into contact with food.

‘Primary aromatic amines are substances harmful to health that should not be present in food,’ we read.

Product details:

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Product: Spaghetti spoon, KMT Style

Barcode: 8435545735124

Distributor: KUOMAO TRADE Poland, Sp. z o. o., Wesoła 3, 05-552 Wolka Kosowska

Bucket withdrawn by GISGIS

GIS informed that the entrepreneur will immediately implement the procedure for withdrawing the product from the market.

Bucket withdrawn by GISGIS

The bodies of the State Sanitary Inspection are conducting explanatory proceedings in this case.

Bucket withdrawn by GISGIS

health department recommends that “the product indicated in the notice should not come into contact with food”.

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