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GIS withdraws a batch of kefir from OSM Łobżenica due to salmonella

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The Chief Sanitary Inspectorate announced the withdrawal of a batch of kefir from sale due to the detection of salmonella bacteria. Consumption of the product may have serious health consequences.

As a result of the official activities of the State Sanitary Inspection, salmonella was detected in 1 out of 5 samples of the product indicated below.

As added the consumption of a product contaminated with Salmonella bacilli carries the risk of food poisoning.

Product details:

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Product name: Kefir 200 g, OSM Łobżenica.

batch number: March 25, 2023/1.

Best before date: March 25, 2023.

Kefir OSM Łomżenica – withdrawn batchGIS

Producer: District Dairy Cooperative in Łobżenica, ul. Wyrzyska 16, 89-310 Łobżenica, veterinary identification number PL 30191601 WE.

The Chief Sanitary Inspector informed that immediately after receiving information about the found non-compliance, the manufacturer began withdrawing the above-mentioned batch of the product from the market.

kefir OSM Łomżenica – contaminated with salmonellaGIS

The official food inspection bodies, in cooperation with the manufacturer, are conducting explanatory proceedings in this case.

“Do not consume the product from the batch covered by the message. In the event of symptoms of food poisoning after consuming the above-mentioned product, you should contact your doctor” – we read in the GIS release.

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