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Giżycko. The father told his daughter to call the police and admit that she was drunk while driving the car

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Police from Giżycko intervened against a 33-year-old resident of Giżycko, who, according to her father’s statement, was driving the car while drunk. As he reported, he thwarted her further journey and ordered the police to “inform herself”

On Thursday before The 22nd on duty at the Giżycko headquarters received a telephone report about a woman driving a car while drunk. A police patrol went to the scene. The policemen found out that my father was around 21 by telephone contacted his daughter, who said that she was just coming home. Several minutes later the man contacted her again. Then she announced that she was already in Giżycko. However, the father’s attention was to be drawn to his daughter’s “slurred speech.” After a while the connection was broken.

1.5 parts per mille in the body

“After some time, the daughter called her father again and asked for tea. When the man went out to the parking lot, he noticed his daughter’s parked car. He walked over and opened the door, and he smelled the smell of alcohol from her. He immediately pulled the woman out of the car and went home with her, where he ordered to call the police and confess to drunk driving “- reported the police of Warmia and Mazury. – “As he added, until the arrival of the police patrol, he had an eye on his daughter all the time. Until the arrival of the patrol, the woman did not drink any alcohol. During her activities, the 33-year-old changed the version of events several times, saying that she drank alcohol upon arrival. to home”.

At first she refused to undergo an alcohol test. Another sobriety test showed that she had over 1.5 per mille of alcohol in her body.

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Now the policemen are explaining in detail the case of a 33-year-old resident of Giżycko. Drunken driving is punishable by up to two years imprisonment, a driving ban of not less than three years and a heavy financial penalty.

Warmińsko-Mazurska police / TVN24

Main photo source: Lubuskie Police

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