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Glapiński about how to deal with the surrounding reality. “It really calms you down”

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When we feel a lack of love, and there is no one around whom we could trust, then buy yourself a dog, a cat. This is very reassuring, recommended the President of the National Bank of Poland, Adam Glapiński, during the press conference. According to the head of the Polish central bank, “a good book and meetings with family” can also help in difficult times. He also advised to “direct your thinking towards the good elements”.

At the end of the press conference, NBP President Adam Glapiński wished journalists Christmas wishes. – Do not argue about economic and political issues at family and holiday tables. It’s not worth it, he said.

According to Glapiński, “we need to talk about love, feelings, health, about how we are doing as a country, as a family.” – Politics and the economy are important things, but they are not really the most important things from the perspective of life. You have to focus your thinking on the good elements, he advised.

Adam Glapiński: buy yourself a dog, a cat

– When we feel a lack of love, and there is no attractive person around whom we could trust, then buy yourself a dog, a cat. This is very reassuring – recommended the President of the NBP.

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Glapiński confessed that he had a “very pessimistic situation” in this regard. – I have two dogs that are very very old. They are stretched beyond the statistical limit. Two huge wolf dogs, one is 13, the other is 12 (years – ed.). The trouble with them is huge. I have to extend the time I leave the house to clean, to help with cleaning. However, it is a great joy and satisfaction – he said.

Adam Glapiński also talked about his cat. – She is 18 years old and, knock on wood, she is very healthy, but she demands a lot of caresses. I come home in the evening and I can’t change the sitting position to another one – he joked.

President of the NBP: it calms people down

The head of the central bank stated that “regardless of what it is inflation or a threat from Russiait really calms you down – a good book and family get-togethers, if the family doesn’t fight.”

– If you bite, you also have to wish and wish well. However, if the family is nice and cool, it is a priceless treasure. Unfortunately, I don’t have it anymore, because I don’t have a large family anymore. But I remember the times when twelve people were sitting (at the Christmas table – ed.). Now we are sitting alone with my wife. This is the situation, but everything in life has its order.

Main photo source: PAP/Radek Pietruszka

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