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Glinojeck. He was driving a car under the influence of alcohol, forced the right of way on a police car

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In Glinojeck near Ciechanów, the police detained a driver who forced the right of way on a police car. It turned out that the 57-year-old was drunk. The examination showed that he had more than two per mille in the exhaled air.

Jolanta Bym, spokeswoman for the Poviat Police Headquarters in Ciechanów, announced on Wednesday that the incident took place the day before in Glinojeck, at the intersection of national road No. 60 with Kwiatowa, where the Mazda driver forced the right of way on the police car, which the officers were going to intervene.

– A policeman driving a marked police car was forced to brake suddenly to avoid a collision – emphasized the superintendent. By. She added that officers stopped a Mazda driven by a 57-year-old resident of the Ciechanów district for breaking traffic regulations.

He was over two miles

The police officer smelled alcohol on the man. The driver’s sobriety test showed more than two per mille of alcohol in the body – explained Bym. She noted that the man has already lost his driving license, and the case of breaking the road rules and driving while intoxicated will now go to court.

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As a spokeswoman for the Ciechanów police added, the 57-year-old is facing a penalty of up to two years in prison for driving while intoxicated.

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A drunk driver was supposed to start his shift at the Bródno-Podgrodzie loopArtur Węgrzynowicz/tvnwarszawa.pl

Main photo source: Police

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