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Gliwice. Hitting a crossing and a pedestrian ticket

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The police in Gliwice showed a video showing the moment of hitting an 18-year-old girl at a pedestrian crossing. Officers posted a video “as a warning” and noted that a pedestrian ran into the lanes in front of the hood of the vehicle.

The incident took place on Tuesday afternoon. An 18-year-old girl was hit at the intersection of Skowrońskiego and Leśna Streets in Gliwice. The recording of the incident was posted on the police website. The film shows a passenger car approaching the crossing. When she is several meters from the stripes, an 18-year-old girl, previously obscured by a tree, appears in the frame. It enters the passage and after a while it lands on the car’s hood.

“Before entering the pedestrian crossing, the pedestrian did not make sure that it would not cause any danger” – the Gliwice command announced in the published announcement. It goes on to say that the deducted “did not give a chance to the driver who tried to avoid the deduction”.

The 18-year-old – fortunately – was not seriously injured. The event ended with the handing over of her mandate. Is it right? According to Hubert Barański, a social activist from the Phenomenon Normal City Foundation, which is part of the Piesza Polska federation working to improve the situation of pedestrians, wrongly.


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What is rational and what is legal

From June this year, pedestrians have priorityeven before it gets on the lanes. The footage shows that the eighteen-year-old girl stood in front of the aisle before deciding to enter. She did it irresponsibly, but it does not change the fact that the car driver was obliged to let her pass – says the social worker.

Does this mean that the wrong person got the ticket? Yes, but – according to the interviewee of tvn24.pl – this should not be the end of the discussion on the topic: – It’s not about who we point our finger at and who will lose a few hundred dollars. It’s about learning lessons for the future. If the police interprets the events differently from the law, then we have a problem. You need to think about how to increase awareness: both drivers and police officers who like to talk about “intrusion” on the road, although Polish law does not know such a concept – he emphasizes.

Hubert Barański is also critical about the behavior of the knocked down: – Let’s imagine that we are approaching the intersection. We know that we have priority, but we also see that there is a lorry driving along the subordinate road, the driver of which does not think to stop. We seem to be aware that the law is on our side, but we won’t die for that, right? It is the same in the case of pedestrians: if the driver clearly does not react to our presence at the crossing, let us not let ourselves be hurt – he ends.

What can not be seen

We passed the arguments of the social worker to the representatives of the Gliwice command. The younger aspirant, Krzysztof Pochwatka, points out that – in his opinion – the situation was correctly assessed by the uniformed.

– Please note that we do not see the behavior of the pedestrian before she decided to walk quickly to the crossing. Of course, it can be presumed that she was waiting at the edge of the road for the vehicle to stop, but this is not the only possibility: perhaps the young woman did not show her willingness to cross the road – maybe she was talking on the phone with her back to the road, maybe she was tying a shoe. We simply do not know her behavior – says the policeman.

He also points out that a pedestrian certainly did not give the driver of a passenger car a chance to avoid a collision. – Our calculations show that a pedestrian appeared at the crossing when the bonnet of the approaching vehicle was about fifteen meters. There was no chance of decelerating – emphasizes the young asp. A scabbard.

The decision to grant the driving position was also made on the basis of the driving behavior: she undertook defensive maneuvers. On this basis, the officers concluded that the woman behind the wheel was watching the road and its surroundings. – The pedestrian received a fine of PLN 250, she did not question her guilt. However, if she changed her mind, she has seven days to report to the court with a motion to revoke the mandate. Then the court will weigh the right of both parties – the officer concludes.

The incident took place in Gliwice

Main photo source: Police in Gliwice

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