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Gliwice. The gynecologist raped the patients. The court reduced his sentence by 4 years

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The District Court in Gliwice reduced by four years the sentence imposed in the first instance on a gynecologist for raping and molesting his patients. He is to spend 11, not 15 years in prison.

Judge Agata Dybek-Zdyń, a spokeswoman for the District Court in Gliwice, informed on Monday that the court changed the judgment of the first instance court in the case of the gynecologist Monzer M. Was sentenced to 15 years in prison, now the total sentence is 11 years imprisonment.

– The court changed the judgment of the first instance court in such a way that some behaviors were eliminated from the descriptions of certain acts. The total penalty for the accused is 11 years imprisonment – judge Dybek-Zdyń informed.

Prohibition of practicing the profession

The court also specified on Monday that Monzer M. is forbidden to practice as a doctor, obstetrician and gynecologist for 15 years. In addition, the court reduced the amount of the compensation it is to pay to the three wronged women.

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The trial began in May 2019 and, due to the welfare of the victims, was conducted without the participation of the public.

After notifying the patient

An investigation into this case began after one of the women was notified. The 51-year-old doctor was arrested in August 2018. After initiating the proceedings, the police appealed through the media for other victims to report. All women who decided to testify were patients of M.

According to the prosecutor’s office after the indictment was brought to the court, the evidence was based on the testimonies of witnesses, expert opinions and the collected documentation.

Examination in the gynecologist’s officeSilesian police

Alone with the patient

During the investigation, the gynecologist did not admit to committing any of the charges brought against him, initially he gave explanations, later refused to do so.

The alleged crimes were allegedly committed during gynecological examinations, when only the patient and the doctor were in the office. Monzer M. was accused of raping or causing patients to submit to the so-called other sexual activity. According to the investigation, the crimes were to take place from at least 2004 to 2018 in Zabrze, Gliwice and Knurów.

Due to the need to secure the suspect’s threat of compensation for the victims, as well as court costs and fees for the State Treasury, during the investigation, property for the amount of PLN 140 thousand was secured. zloty.

Main photo source: Silesian police

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