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Gliwice. The motorcyclist was speeding 185 km/h, 110 km/h too fast. Recording from the video recorder

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Policemen in an unmarked police car patrolling the Drogowa Trasa Średnicowa in Gliwice were overtaken by a motorcyclist. The driver of the two-wheeler accelerated to 181 kilometers per hour, and in this place you can drive a maximum of 70 km/h

The incident took place on Sunday after 5 pm. After being overtaken by the police, they followed the speeding motorcyclist. – The measurement showed that on the section of the road with a speed limit of 70 km/h, the motorcyclist was traveling at a speed of 181 km/h – says sub-inspector Marek Słomski from the Gliwice district headquarters.

Soon after, the police turned on the lights and ordered the motorcyclist to stop. Their intervention can be seen on the recording from the police video recorder, which was made available by the press office.

Fines and penalty points

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– The young motorcycle driver did not run away and surrendered to the control. It was settled according to the tariff – subinsp. Slomski.

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He adds that the 34-year-old man paid a fine of PLN 2,500 and also received 15 penalty points.

– Now he should be more quick to comply with the regulations, because with the next similar offense he will pay as much as PLN 5,000 – concludes the policeman.

The driver was detained by police officers from the Speed ​​group.

Main photo source: Police in Gliwice

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