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Gliwice. The police allegedly visited elderly people under the guise of helping them and robbed them

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The Police Internal Affairs Office and the District Prosecutor’s Office in Gliwice are conducting an investigation against the officers of the Gliwice police station. The procedure to dismiss them from service has begun. It’s probably about stealing from elderly people. Investigators do not want to reveal any details.

The case was presented in other media as a fraud involving a police officer. The difference is that the fraudsters were supposed to be real policemen from Gliwice. Everything was to come to light when the same officers committed another crime. According to the media, they were supposed to provide the family of a person who died in an accident with the person’s money and appropriated some of it.

The only official information is that an investigation is underway against Gliwice police officers.

It’s about theft. The victims were supposed to be elderly people

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Sabina Chyra-Giereś, spokeswoman for the Silesian police, said she did not know the content of the allegations. – This is not our investigation, we do not even carry out any activities in the case, only BSW (Police Office of Internal Affairs – ed.) – Chyra-Giereś told us and referred us to the prosecutor’s office.

Joanna Smorczewska, spokeswoman for the District Prosecutor’s Office in Gliwice, confirmed to us that an investigation is being carried out regarding the Gliwice officers. However, for the sake of the investigation, she did not provide any details about the proceedings, how many suspects there are, or even whether any charges have already been presented. From sources close to the investigation, we learned that it was a theft. Two policemen were arrested, and more arrests followed.

tvn24.pl investigative reporter Robert Zieliński received information that a total of six officers were detained. They were supposed to target elderly people who were not entirely independent, visit them under the pretense of checking if they needed help, and rob them.

Police: These people should never wear a police uniform

The police emphasize that the case was discovered internally and an investigation was started immediately, not after media reports.

– The proceedings were initiated thanks to internal police activities. It was thanks to the appropriate and proper reaction of direct superiors, but also thanks to the actions taken by policemen from the Police Internal Affairs Bureau, that people who should never have put on a police uniform were suspended, disciplinary proceedings were initiated against them and – most importantly – the procedure was initiated. expelling them from service, says Chyra-Giereś. – There is no place in the ranks of the police for people who, while supposed to protect and guard safety, do not themselves respect this law. We will complete all formalities and take every action to ensure that such people no longer serve in the police, the spokeswoman assured.

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