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Gliwice. Two teenagers were running from the police. A second, unmarked police car had to join the chase

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In Gliwice (Silesian Voivodeship), two teenagers were running away from the police on a scooter. The boys had no intention of stopping despite the beeps and lights. A second, unmarked police car had to join the chase. Finally, the recalcitrant refugees were stopped.

The incident took place on Tuesday evening (May 30) in Gliwice’s Zatorze. As reported by Sub-Insp. Marek Słomski, press officer of the Municipal Police Headquarters in Gliwice, during the chase the scooter driver performed many risky maneuvers.

“He avoided parked vehicles and drove on lawns and pavements. A second, unmarked police car quickly joined the chase. The fugitives were stopped on Mastalerza Street. It turned out that the 16-year-old himself did not have permission, and to make matters worse, he was carrying a passenger “- said the police officer.

Gliwice. Pursuit of teenagers. The scooter was stolen

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He added that the scooter used by the teenagers had been stolen three days earlier in Knurów. “The owner lost it during what he thought was a buy-sell transaction and a test drive. A potential buyer, who actually planned to appropriate the bike, got on the moped and, under the pretext of checking its technical condition, drove away without returning to pay for it.” – explained sub-insp. Slomski.

The boys were running away from the police on a scooterSilesian Police

Theft worth 5.5 thousand. PLN two-track was reported to the policemen from Knurów. As pointed out by sub-insp. Marek Słomski is under investigation. “After three days, the vehicle was returned to the owner. Police officers are now explaining all the circumstances of the crime. The 16-year-old will soon appear in juvenile court” – emphasized the press officer of the Gliwice police.

Main photo source: Silesian Police

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