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Glogow. Detention of a woman during a protest. The policeman used a truncheon. Politicians’ comments

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The police should act more effectively against demonstrators who break the law, said the Deputy Speaker of the Sejm, head of the Law and Justice club, Ryszard Terlecki. – We have seen Poland, which has become the dictatorship of a telescopic baton – said MEP Robert Biedroń. On Monday, politicians commented on the police intervention during the Sunday protest in Głogów. The video shows a policeman hitting a woman with a truncheon.

On Sunday, in Głogów in the Lower Silesian Voivodeship, there was a protest against the restrictions and wearing masks. About 200 people attended the assembly. The policemen intervened, inter alia, against one of the women, and the video of this event went to the network. The video shows a policeman hitting the woman with a truncheon, grabbing her by the neck and throwing her to the ground. The intervention aroused controversy. There were also questions about its legitimacy.

On the night of Sunday to Monday, the Provincial Police Headquarters in Wrocław published in social media footage from the police camera depicting what happened just before the arrest of three people, including the aforementioned woman. In the video, you can hear a woman insulting an officer.


Politicians commented on the matter in the Sejm on Monday.

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Terlecki: the police are very gentle

– The police should act more effectively against demonstrators who break the law – said the deputy speaker of the Sejm, head of the PiS club Ryszard Terlecki. “He’s very gentle,” he added.

He added that the police have been behaving “generally mildly in recent months”. – So it seems to me that such actions are justified when the demonstrators obviously exceed all limits of decency and behavior, so to speak, peaceful at this type of demonstrations – he explained his position.

Biedroń: we saw Poland, which became the dictatorship of a telescopic baton

Left MEP Robert Biedroń stated that “we saw in Głogów the bestiality that comes straight from the streets of Moscow or Minsk”.

– We saw scenes that are difficult to distinguish whether they took place in Belarus, Russia or Poland. We saw policemen who hit women again with a telescopic truncheon – he added.

– Yesterday in Głogów, this woman had the right to demonstrate and show her dissatisfaction, because she hoped that she lived in a free state, that she lived in a country where the police wanted to make a peaceful demonstration, to protect peacefully protesting citizens, and not to violate them bodily inviolability – assessed Biedroń. – Yesterday in Głogów we saw what the PiS state looks like, we saw Poland, which became the dictatorship of a telescopic baton – added the MEP.

“We saw the bestiality in Głogów, which is a native of the streets of Moscow or Minsk”TVN24

Szczerba: I saw the use of sticks and gas in the streets of Minsk

– I was in Belarus in August. I participated in these events, I watched them closely. And similar activities, the use of sticks, the use of gas, I saw in the streets of Minsk. Therefore, I have no right to make such comparisons – said Michał Szczerba, a member of the Civic Coalition.

Szczerba: I saw the use of sticks and gas in the streets of MinskTVN24

The woman heard the accusations

On Sunday, a spokesman for the Lower Silesian police assured that the arrest was carried out in accordance with the procedures, and that the recordings posted on the Internet show only a fragment of the intervention. The commander-in-chief of the police became interested in the case, who ordered the officers of the KGP Control Office to explain in detail the grounds, justification and circumstances related to this intervention. Police recordings and those available on the Internet were to be analyzed.

According to Kamil Rynkiewicz, spokesman for the Lower Silesian police, the woman did not respond to calls to leave the scene. “During the intervention she directed at the policeman vulgarly articulated verbal aggression. She was accompanied by two men who showed provocative behavior, marking an attempt to bring about a confrontation with the policemen and, consequently, insulting them with words commonly considered offensive” – ​​said Rynkiewicz.

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He added that the woman of one of the officers was supposed to tear at the uniform. It was then that the policeman was to warn her that he would use direct coercion “to enforce the legally required behavior in accordance with his earlier order, inflicting one blow towards a muscular part of the body. The blow was amortized by the protestor’s purse.”

The woman was detained, as were the two men who, according to the police, were with her. All three heard accusations of insulting public officials, and the woman additionally accused that by acting in order to force an officer to abandon his duties, she tugged and pushed him away by his uniform, as well as violated his bodily integrity.

Protest in Głogów. Video posted by the policeThe police publish recordings of the protest in Głogów (Dolnośląskie Voivodeship), where several demonstrators were arrested on Sunday. Earlier, controversy was raised by a recording of the local media, which shows a policeman using a truncheon against one of the protesters. Lower Silesian Police

“Example of breach of a police duty”

The National Mechanism for the Prevention of Torture, which operates in the Office of the Human Rights Defender, spoke on what happened in Głogów. As we read in the announcement, “the way a woman is treated by a police officer is an evident example of a violation of the elementary duty incumbent on the Police, which is to act in a proportionate manner, guaranteeing respect for human dignity and respecting fundamental human rights”.

In the opinion of the NMPT, the policeman’s intervention was “disproportionate to the situation and was not justified from the point of view of the purpose of the intervention itself”.

Main photo source: Głogowski Weekly

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