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Glogowek. Taken from its owner, the extremely emaciated Baloo did not survive. The prosecutor’s office discontinued the proceedings

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The District Prosecutor’s Office in Prudnik discontinued the proceedings in the case of abuse of a Labrador-type dog. The animal was chained and had no access to food or drink. – The dog was starved, sick and untreated – says Dorota Jeleniewska, inspector of the Society for the Care of Animals in Opole.

Baloo’s story we reported at the end of October. After receiving the notification, the inspectors of the Society for the Care of Animals in Opole went to a small town located in the commune of Głogówek. – On the spot, our girls found the dog in agony, with convulsions, without access to water and food. The 50-year-old owner explained that the dog was old and had not wanted to eat for some time, so he did not give it any food. The man wasn’t aggressive or vulgar, but he didn’t see the problem at all. He claimed that nothing bad was happening – reported Dorota Jeleniewska, TOZ Opole inspector.

The owner gave up the animal, and the intervening women took him to the vet. The dog’s blood was drawn for testing. These indicated the destruction of the body, starvation, severe anemia, inflammation, but no systemic disease was found.

During the intervention, the dog was barely aliveTOZ Opole

Baloo did not survive

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– Such a Labrador-type dog should weigh 30-35 kilograms. We put him on the scales. It turned out 17 kilograms. He couldn’t even stand on his own, he had to be supported to keep his position. I can’t tell when the dog last had a meal. I have no words. I don’t know how you can walk next to such a sick animal every day and not help it, emphasized Patrycja Krawiec, a doctor at the time.

Baloo was given a meal which he ate, but his body gave up. The dog died last night.

Representatives of the Głogówek commune, assisted by the police, controlled the property from which the dog was taken a few days later. The spokesman for the office informed that a notification had been submitted about the possibility of committing a crime in connection with the death of one of the four dogs on the property. Others – according to the inspectors – were in satisfactory condition. The Prudnik police conducted activities towards animal abuse, which is punishable by up to three years in prison.

The dog was unable to stand on its ownTOZ Opole

The expert did not make a clear decision

The investigation took less than two months. On December 22, the police sent a letter informing about its discontinuation “due to the absence of signs of a prohibited act”.

– The decision was based on the opinion of the expert who performed the autopsy of the dog. The expert did not resolve unequivocally, but only indicated the likelihood that the condition of the animal resulted from its malnutrition. At the same time, the expert did not decide whether the malnutrition was a consequence of not providing food or not taking food. According to the owner’s testimony, the dog stopped eating in the last month – says Stanisław Bar, spokesman for the District Prosecutor’s Office in Opole.

The man had three other dogs that showed no signs of neglect. This was one of the main reasons for the prosecution to assess the owner’s testimony as credible.

– There were doubts about whether he could not have intervened earlier, to take the dog to the vet. The answer was that the man’s financial status did not allow him to provide help to the animal. In the context of the opinion, which did not clearly determine that there was negligence on his part, the doubts were resolved in favor of the man – adds Bar.

TOZ files a complaint

– We do not agree with this decision – says Dorota Jeleniewska, TOZ Opole inspector.

– I went to the prosecutor’s office today to ask for access to the case file. I signed a confidentiality clause, so I can’t tell you what was inside. Anyway, a lot of things didn’t add up there. I could score the prosecutor what was done well and what was wrong. The photos we took showed a starved dog and we have a basis for this in hard evidence. The owner’s claim that the dog ate and vomited or refused to eat at all is not true. We have films like a dog, after receiving them, eats mash for reinforcement with an appetite – emphasizes Jeleniewska.

The representative of TOZ Opole has already filed a complaint to the prosecutor’s office against the discontinuation of the proceedings. The inspectors are waiting for a decision.

– I know that we are right and we will continue to fight – concludes Dorota Jeleniewska.

Main photo source: TOZ Opole

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